NAME: Scott Bias

CANDIDATE FOR: Cabell County Magistrate

PARTY: Nonpartisan



PERSONAL STATEMENT: I believe to be a good Magistrate you not only have to be very knowledgeable of the law, but you have to have some very good personal skills. After all Magistrate Court was originally designed to be the peoples court. You need to be able to assess not only the facts of cases both civil and criminal, but be able to understand how it affects peoples lives on both sides of the case. You have to make decisions that falls within the law, but also accomplishes the desired outcome. I believe I am the best qualified candidate.

AGE: 66

EDUCATION: Graduate West Virginia State College


OTHER WORK HISTORY: Previous Union President, Senior Human Resource Representative, County Commissioner, Magistrate 2013-2016, small business owner.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Previous member of Huntington Rotary Club, Barboursville Lions Club, Milton American Legion (SAL), and Huntington Moose Club.

FAMILY: Four daughters, seven grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

1. What traits set you apart from the field of candidates and qualify you to be a magistrate?

What sets me apart from the other candidates is not only 4 years of previous experience as Magistrate, knowing and working with all the people in the system, but having the skills from previous jobs dealing with people. I have by far the most varied background in and out of the courthouse.

2. What kinds of experience do you have with law enforcement or the law profession?

I have not only 4 years experience as Magistrate, but 6 years as County Commissioner, and many legal classes taken such as FMLA, ADA, EEOC, Negotiations and far more. Many of these issues surface in civil cases.

3. How would you make the office more efficient?

My experience would help me to streamline and expedite cases. This would help to reduce the backlog of cases which satisfies interests on both sides of cases and help to reduce jail costs for inmates sitting in jail prior to having their trials.

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