NAME: Daniel T. Yon

CANDIDATE FOR: Greater Huntington Park Board, District 2

PARTY: Republican


HOME CITY: Huntington

HOME COUNTY: Cabell County

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I am a 26 year resident of Huntington, a business owner and am committed to the revitalization of this community. This community has been blessed with a park system developed over generations. Due to funding limitations and guidance, the park system as a whole has seen a general decline. There is a concern for safety among citizens who use the parks. Crime and drug activity occur openly. The parks need a safety and crime prevention overhaul. The system could also be enhanced with opportunities for use all seasons of the year and for persons in all seasons of life.

AGE: 52

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts, West Virginia University (1988); Doctor of Law, West Virginia University (1992).

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Founding member of the law firm Bailes, Craig and Yon, PLLC

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Founder of The Toy Train of West Virginia, a local charity benefitting children in Cabell and Wayne counties (1997); Huntington Urban Renewal Authority (2005-1012, 2017-Present); Ronald McDonald House (1999-2016).

FAMILY: wife, Anne Morton (Grubb) Yon; daughters, Elia, Luciana, Gia.

1. What qualifies you to serve on the Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District board?

I understand the importance of a vibrant park system to the community's health and well-being. I also understand the constraint that limited funding places on boards that administer those funds and the prudent decision making process needed to achieve the goals of the organization and the needs of the community.

2. What is one improvement you would like to see the GHPRD add?

Having had the pleasure to live close to Ritter Park and enjoying the entire system, I have noticed that it provides entertainment for children but is less diverse to the needs of adults. Some parks are in decline and becoming sites of drug and other illegal activity . We need a robust plan to keep the parks diverse, safe and green.

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