NAME: Jill LaFear

CANDIDATE FOR: Greater Huntington Parks & Recreation District 1

PARTY: Republican

HOME CITY: Huntington


PERSONAL STATEMENT: My desire to cultivate the growth needed to create positive changes in our community motivated me to become an entrepreneur. My children are what have motivated me into public service. Having been raised in Huntington, and being a mother to three children, I have countless memories of time spent in the parks. Our parks are one of the most valuable and well-utilized resources in the community, and yet more should be done to provide opportunities for better year-round use. Uniting the appropriate people is what will shift these opportunities for improvement from something to talk about to something that exists.

AGE: 36


OTHER WORK HISTORY: Grant Writer and Small Business Manager

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Mayor’s Council On The Arts, Coin Harvey House Restoration Board, Huntington’s River To Rail Committee, Huntington’s River To Rail Community and Economic Development Committee, Steering Committee for Municipal Recovery Programs, Artisans Express Committee

FAMILY: husband, David Seth Cyfers; children, Maggie LaFear, Wyatt Cyfers, Virginia Cyfers.

1. What qualifies you to serve on the Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District board?

Utilizing knowledge gained from experiences as an entrepreneur, in community development projects, and grants funding I understand the fundamental keys to community growth are the qualities of hard work and collaboration. It is these two qualities along with being driven by accountability, a passion for our community, and a desire to activate change that motivates my.

2. What is one improvement you would like to see the GHPRD add?

Tennis has been called “The Sport For A Lifetime”, because an individual can take it up in their childhood and continue playing well into retirement age. For this reason, I advocate for the creation of indoor tennis facilities to provide for year-round usability of our courts. This would benefit not only our youth, but also the adults in our community.

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