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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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We are working with all candidates in contested races to get their questionnaires included on our website. (If a candidate has no opposition in the primary election, then they will receive a questionnaire after the primary ends.)

If a candidate is having trouble sending in a questionnaire, please click on an existing profile in your race. Send the same information, your numbered answers and your photo in an email to You will receive a confirmation email back within two business days.

NAME: Dale Anderson

CANDIDATE FOR: Huntington City Council District 9 (Guyandotte, Altizer and a small portion of Highlawn between 28th and 31st streets; also includes the Arlington Park subdivision in the Beverly Hills area.)

PARTY: Republican


HOME CITY: Huntington


AGE: 36

EDUCATION: Business Management.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Retail Management, Huntington.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: NRA, Gun Owners of America, The American Conservative Union, The Heritage Foundation, Mud River Baptist Church.

ENDORSEMENTS: Rev Bob Withers, Retired Police Officer Tom Dandelet, Don Greathouse, Former Delegate Brian Savilla.

FAMILY: parents, Dale and Deniese (Childers) Anderson; grandparents, H. Don and Shirley Anderson, Guy and Pam Childers.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Huntington has found itself at a crossroads where we have to take action and implement solutions immediately to clean up our city, fix our infrastructure, and improve our economy. I am the candidate who doesn’t have to search for ways to make improvements, we need results now not later in our life. I have the experience and relationships to put us on a solid path to make Huntington what we all expect it to be.

1. What are your suggestions for the long-term financing of Huntington's government?

We need capital investment, new businesses with job opportunities for hundreds of people. I think we can attract the right businesses who can help us improve our infrastructure and can help us attract the right employers.

2. What are the most important problems in your district (or city for mayor and at-large council candidates)?

Widespread vagrancy & dilapidated housing in most of the district, small business development for our Historic District in Guyandotte, paving and sidewalks are needed in the entire district and several locations that have flooding issues for decades.

3. Should the city bring back a curbside recycling program? If so, should it be funded with a levy vote or by expanding the county's program?

I'd love to see a recycling company invest in our city, we need more business development and jobs so I will support this as long as it's not a government-run Ponzi scheme to tax our already overburdened residents.

4. What more needs to be done to encourage new housing construction in the city?

We must stop the crime and vagrancy in the city immediately to make it a place people with families want to live. We're losing home starts to the county because people do not feel comfortable investing in the city and raising their families here, which has to change immediately.

5. How would you continue to fight the opioid epidemic? Do you support the harm reduction program?

I support real-world, education and recovery with professional oversight. I am opposed to the needle exchange program since it has failed and HIV infections have increased. I will also work to make it harder for dealers to operate in Huntington.

6. What more could be done to help tear down dilapidated houses?

We'll need to get help from the Governor and go district by district so we can really pursue improving the look of our city.

7. How will you address Huntington’s dwindling population?

We have a long way to go before we can all feel safer in most sections of our neighborhoods. All of our money has gone downtown, Altizer & Guyandotte are neglected, we've had the same issues for a couple of decades. We're going to have to work on an 'Eastend Revitalization' not just in one area.

8. How will you continue to encourage the decrease in crime throughout the city?

We're going to enforce the current laws, all of them, panhandling, vagrancy, drug use, it will all be enforced. We're going to fully fund our police and fire departments and this continued mistreatment of our officers and firefighters will NOT be tolerated from me.

9. Do you think staffing levels for the city’s police and fire departments are adequate, too low or too high?

Yes, we are understaffed by twenty officers at HPD, we have officers who are using their own gear and firearms. At the HFD, we're short around ten firefighters but we have major issues with equipment. I will commit to full funding, making department financials transparent and demand financial accountability. Safety needs to be a priority from day one.

10. The state of WV government recently put all finances and purchases online for the public’s review. Do you support a similar thing happening in Huntington?

Yes, knowledge is power and this will provide transparency on what the government is doing with our money.


11. How would you address the problems with litter and loose trash in the district?

Code enforcement needs to be involved and the city public works and trash departments also must work together to keep the city clean.

12. Do you support rehabilitation housing in your district? Why or why not?

Rehab housing should be in areas zoned for commercial activities and regulated accordingly to include life safety (fire and building) codes. It is absolutely unfair to a property owner to wake up one day with a business beside their home that is not properly regulated.

13. What more can be done to encourage businesses to open in the city?

Huntington has to really work to be a competitive place to do business. The new broadband initiative with Facebook that is coming down Route 60 that was negotiated by Delegate Daniel Linville and Senator Bob Plymale is an absolute positive opportunity for Huntington to compete against other local communities.

14. What more could be done to promote an inclusive environment as part of the city’s “Open to All” campaign?

The “Open To All” campaign is a great way to bring groups to Huntington. I would like to see it expanded to market to many different groups and for local businesses to embrace this initiative.

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