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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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We are working with all candidates in contested races to get their questionnaires included on our website. (If a candidate has no opposition in the primary election, then they will receive a questionnaire after the primary ends.)

If a candidate is having trouble sending in a questionnaire, please click on an existing profile in your race. Send the same information, your numbered answers and your photo in an email to You will receive a confirmation email back within two business days.

NAME: Hilary Turner

CANDIDATE FOR: U.S. House, WV District 3

PARTY: Democrat


HOME CITY: Huntington


BIOGRAPHY: Hilary received her bachelor's degree in International Studies. Hilary has worked as a teacher and in healthcare, and she is a mother. At 32, She is the youngest woman to run for federal office in West Virginia's history, and the first woman to be the democratic nominee for the 3rd congressional district. Her website is

1. What suggestions do you have for improving bipartisanship and cooperation in Congress?

We should pass anti-corruption bills that eliminate corporate funding in politics so both sides can focus on addressing the needs of the people without the influence of corporations. Most gridlock is due to conflicting corporate interests. We also need to be more willing to sit down and have conversations, and be willing to listen to each other openly.

2. What new measures would you support to help middle class families deal with the rising costs of health care, housing and higher education?

I would support single-payer Medicare for All that would eliminate healthcare costs and minimize prescription drug prices for individuals. I would also support tuition-free higher education to help young people pursue their education, as well cancelling student loan debt. For housing, I support tenants rights, such as national rent control and a homes-for-all guarantee to eliminate homelessness.

3. What should be the role of Congress in addressing the challenges of climate change?

We need to be directing national funding in the right places. We need to redirect the $600 billion in fossil fuel subsidies towards renewable energy. Congress must also fund ecological restoration projects such as reforestation, water restoration, and regenerative agriculture. All of this can be done through a Green New Deal that aims at transitioning the nation to total carbon neutrality.

Additional questions from The Herald-Dispatch:

4. What steps, if any, would you propose to prolong the solvency of the Social Security and Medicaid trust funds?

We can increase the cap on taxes for social security, including by using a capital gains tax. With Medicare for All, that would cover everyone's healthcare costs.

5. The national debt keeps rising. Do you think that’s acceptable, and if not, what action should be taken to bring it down?

I think we should move towards a balanced budget and cut government waste, but our first priority must be meeting the needs of our country and its people. We must also close loopholes for the top 1%, and multi-billion dollar corporations that have paid almost no taxes.

6. Do you think term limits should be placed on those serving in Congress?

Yes. 5 terms in House, 2 terms in Senate.

7. How would you improve the state’s access to broadband internet?

I would seek federal funding to aid infrastructure development within West Virginia, and aim to bolster internet as a public utility for the common good.


8. What changes would you recommend for responding to any future national emergencies such as COVID-19 which would increase overall preparedness and assist those affected by the emergency?

I would recommend that we fund a task force to watch for potential pandemics to help contain them. I would recommend that we have a supply of protective equipment, open more healthcare facilities and train more doctors so our hospitals aren't overwhelmed. I would have funds in place to ensure that we can get as much testing as possible earlier.

9. What do you believe should be the role of the United States in global affairs such as trade, immigration, and the environment?

Congress should make sure that any trade deals protect American workers and American small businesses. We should pass immigration reform to allow people to come here to work legally, and treat immigrants with dignity. The United States should take action on climate change and protect our water for the health of our communities and futures of our children.

10. Do you support recent weakening of EPA regulations concerning air and water quality? Why or why not?

No I do not. We need to protect our air and water for the health and wellbeing of our children, families, and communities. I know that we can have a strong economy and plenty of jobs without polluting our air and water.

11. Considering the issues raised by COVID-19, what changes need to be made at the federal level to make affordable healthcare available to all Americans?

I support universal healthcare. I believe that healthcare is a human right and no one should die because they couldn't afford to see a doctor or pay for prescriptions. A universal healthcare system would ensure that we have a healthier society and that we are better able to handle a public health crisis like a pandemic.

12. What changes to current election laws would you recommend to make voting safer and more accessible?

Everyone should automatically be registered to vote. Election day should be a national holiday so that everyone has the opportunity to vote, and no one has to take off work. Additionally everyone should automatically be sent a mail-in ballot to make voting safer for all.

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