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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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We are working with all candidates in contested races to get their questionnaires included on our website. (If a candidate has no opposition in the primary election, then they will receive a questionnaire after the primary ends.)

If a candidate is having trouble sending in a questionnaire, please click on an existing profile in your race. Send the same information, your numbered answers and your photo in an email to You will receive a confirmation email back within two business days.

NAME: Matt Hahn

CANDIDATE FOR: U.S. Congress WV 2nd District

PARTY: Republican


HOME CITY: Berkeley Springs

HOME COUNTY: Morgan County

AGE: 56

EDUCATION: BS in Finance at University of Maryland at College Park; MD at George Washington University School of Medicine.

OCCUPATION: Family Doctor.


FAMILY: wife, Bibi Hahn; daughter, Willa Hahn.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I am a family doctor. I have lived in Berkeley Springs for 20 years and have a small-town family practice. I am running for congress because I can’t stand by and watch any more as our leaders fight with one another and patients suffer and die at the hands of our broken health care system. I have written two books about health care: Staying Alive and Distracted: How Regulations Are Destroying the Practice of Medicine. I’m a runner and fitness enthusiast. I also sing and am a member of the West Virginia Country Music Hall of Fame. See

Questions from the West Virginia League of Women Voters:

1. What suggestions do you have for improving bipartisanship and cooperation in Congress?

My campaign slogan is Together We Stand. Elected leaders should take an oath to work together. We must get money and lobbyists out of politics and enact term limits for elected positions. Political campaigns should be publicly financed, with each qualified candidate receiving the same amount of funding, eliminating fundraising. We should switch to a completely open, top-two primary system.

2. What new measures would you support to help middle class families deal with the rising costs of health care, housing, and higher education?

We must increase wages with a middle-class tax cut and incentives to businesses to promote higher-paying jobs. Health care reform must include a reasonable cap on all annual out of pocket expenses. We should create more trade and vocational training opportunities in high schools and establish a national service corps that provides work opportunities in exchange for discounted college tuition.

3. What should be the role of Congress in addressing the challenges of climate change?

Climate change is both the greatest economic threat and opportunity of the 21st century. We have responded too slowly. Congress must work together with the scientific community to develop and disseminate reliable sources of information regarding climate change, and along with the business community, create a strategic plan for rapid transformation of our at-risk infrastructure and renewable energy capabilities.

Additional questions from The Herald-Dispatch:

4. What steps, if any, would you propose to prolong the solvency of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds?

A comfortable retirement and affordable health care are key aspects of the American dream for seniors. The best way to improve Social Security funding is to increase the upper limit on taxable income. The best way to protect Medicare funding is to lower unnecessary health care spending by eliminating burdensome administrative rules, encouraging healthier behavior, and negotiating lower prescription prices.

5. The national debt keeps rising. Do you think that’s acceptable, and if not, what action should be taken to bring it down?

Our ungovernable national debt is unacceptable. It means someone else owns us! Rather than constantly bickering, our elected leaders must work together, beginning with basic questions asking what government should be doing, and once decided, the most efficient ways to get it done. I am confident that if Congress used this approach the national debt would be much lower.

6. Do you think term limits should be placed on those serving in Congress?


7. How would you improve the state’s access to broadband internet?

Broadband internet is essential infrastructure for a more successful economy, improved security, and a 21st century educational system. No road should ever be built again without fiber alongside it, and funds to connect all who live nearby. I suggest we reconsider current funding for unnecessary new roads in favor of necessary broadband for all West Virginians

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