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NAME: Daniel P. “Danny” Lutz

CANDIDATE FOR: West Virginia governor

PARTY: Mountain

HOME COUNTY: Jefferson

BIOGRAPHY: Lifelong West Virginia Resident; family roots from 1761. Graduate West Virginia University BS Agriculture Graduate Studies American University Washington, DC. Elected Conservation District Supervisor, Jefferson County, 2016-present. Skilled debater. Speaks extemporaneously. Wrote Stageplay "TO THE FOOTLIGHTS OF THE WORLD'S STAGE" about treason trial of Bill Blizzard, the Miners' General In Community and Civic Organizations Member Presbyterian Church. USAF Veteran.

1. What changes would you recommend for responding to any future state emergencies such as COVID-19 which would increase overall preparedness and assist those affected by the emergency?

A) Recreate the Office of Civil Defense for COVID-19 and other emergencies. B) Stockpile basic medical/first aid supplies 30 minutes from any West Virginian facilitating Triage. C) Organized testing for such pandemics. D) Color codes identifying sites of outbreaks like Pennsylvania.

2. How would you prioritize using the funds provided to West Virginia by the CARES Act and other COVID-19 relief funds?

A) Uses mandated for funds? NO WELFARE FOR THE RICH. B) Use funds to retrain and supplement police. Use psychologists, sociologists and fewer nightsticks. C) Eliminate "food deserts" in WV; supply safe drinking water, and sewage treatment. D) Triage i) Life sustaining needs first ii) Public Safety needs iii) Social-Community needs iv) Socio-Economic needs v) Corporate

3. Lack of broadband access limits employment and educational opportunities in many parts of West Virginia. What should be done to make broadband available statewide?

Contacted INTELSAT and SPACEX about Broadband network for all West Virginians, 6 months from date of contract, create publicly owned utility. Paid by $150,000,000 (wasted on ROCKWOOL). Buys turn-key operation for this money, say engineers. INTELSAT-SPACEX launched 597 communications satellites in August 2020 . Professionals will live in WV, working from home. Already working in Croatia.

4. What do you hope to accomplish as Governor?

A) Bring West Virginia into 21st Century by developing geothermal energy. B) Create Pollution Credit System, polluters pay WV households before discharging wastes. C) Make water leaving WV as clean as when it emerged. D ) Create annual income (not welfare) for households in WV. E) Sustainably recover RARE EARTH ELEMENTS, Lithium, and Thorium for Americans.

5. What experience, training or education do you have that would make you an effective Governor?

Have a functional Department of Environmental Protection; to deny $150,000,000 to Rockwool; designated funds for drinking water and sewage systems; launch programs to eliminate "food deserts" in WV; repeal Workplace Freedom Act. Restore Federal Prevailing Wage requirements, use Economic Development Authority to make micro-loans to new entrepreneurs Offer WV hardwoods, crafts china, crockery etc to restoration of SS United States.

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