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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

Read more responses from candidates by clicking on the links at right. Candidates who have not received a questionnaire can send an email to with their name, candidacy and phone number.

NAME: Charles R. “Chad” Shaffer

CANDIDATE FOR: West Virginia Senate 5th District (Cabell and part of Wayne counties)

PARTY: Republican


HOME COUNTY: Wayne County

AGE: 68

EDUCATION: BA in Bible, minor in Speech, Graduate of WV State Police Academy, Graduate of South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, Certified NRA Instructor: CCW and Personal Protection Inside the Home.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Retired WV State Police, Contractor as a private investigator for the Cabell and Wayne County Public Defender’s Offices.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: Previous Forensic Tech for Greenville County Police Service Bureau, Previous Men’s Coordinator and Head Chaplain at the Huntington City Mission.

ENDORSEMENTS: West Virginia Family Policy Council.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Founder of Drug Prevention Ministries, current missionary to the Tri State dealing with those with addictions and assisting families of the addicts, member of the NRA, member of the Wayne County Farm Bureau, member of the WV State Police Trooper’s Assoc., and of the Retired WV State Police Assoc.

FAMILY: Wife, Kathleen; daughter, Rebekah, who is married to Ben Williams and they have nine children; son, Stephen, who has three children.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I love serving people. I served individual’s as a trooper, grade school football, basketball and baseball coach “in Raleigh Co.”, and currently serving those in the Tri State who are struggling with addictions and other needs. I would love the opportunity to extend my service by being elected your senator. In this position I could even be more effective in solving the drug crisis in our area.

Questions from the WV League of Women Voters:

1. With the decline in the extraction industries in West Virginia, what do you think should be done to diversify the state’s economy?

I think we should look at adding at least one new hydroelectric plant, build a lodge in Beech Fork and a better road to the lodge, and establish a water park at Beech Fork. We should also focus on tax incentives for bringing in companies dealing with computer software and other advance technology.

2. Do you support recent weakening of EPA regulations concerning air and water quality? Why or why not?

Yes. I think that some of the past regulation had gotten away from common sense and put an undue burden on the companies and factories. The increased regulations ended up costing the citizens of our state more money. Everyone wants quality air and water but not over regulation that damages the functionality of the industries.

3. What role do you see for state government in reversing West Virginia’s population decline?

I would like to see a better tax structure for individual’s and businesses. We are known for being an antibusiness state due to our tax structure. We need better roads and better community parks. I would like to see property tax and personal property tax reduced or done away with. I am tired of being taxed to death.

Additional questions from The Herald-Dispatch:

4. The state’s foster care system struggles to care for the 7,000 plus children who are now in it. Some action has been taken in recent months, but what further action do you think might be necessary?

A faster response on adoption, if the parents are not trying to change. Two years or longer, in the court system, is wrong for the kids who have foster parent’s who are desirous to adopt. The state should pay the adoption fees. I have many other thoughts but not enough space to share at this time.

5. There have been several attempts to reduce taxes on business in the state, including one failed in this past legislative session. Is it wise to keep pursuing tax breaks for business, at the possible expense of residential taxpayers? Do you think the state’s tax structure needs an overhaul?

We need a major tax overhaul if we are to bring businesses and people into our state. I was for the elimination of the personal property tax. I am against imposing a vehicle tax on someone moving into our state. That is why companies do not license their vehicles here.

6. Do you think the educational reform bill passed in 2019 is working/will be effective?

It may be too early to tell. I know many schools have some security but I am against a percentage wage increase, as it does not help the working professional. I prefer a straight across the board pay raise. That way everyone gets the same amount.

7. How would you describe efforts so far to add more support staff in the state’s schools to help children in troubled homes?

I know first hand that the staff at one school worked closely with the state police and CPS and they all did a wonderful job. I would like to see churches involved in troubled homes, if the homes would allow it. I am concerned about government becoming the parent. I believe this is wrong and unfeasible.

8. What can the state government do to improve workforce development in West Virginia?

I think everyone who is on government assistance and able to work, should have to attend vocational or educational training to better their lives. No education, no government assistance. This way many can go on to better jobs and those who truly need assistance may be able to receive more.

9. West Virginia has been especially hard hit by the opioid abuse epidemic. What do you see as the role of the legislature in addressing this crisis?

If 95% of crimes are drug related, then solve the drug problem and most crime will be eliminated. There needs to be accountability on those helping in this crisis, with those who are addicted and with a faster way to deal with the offenders within the court system. There is not enough space to give further clarification.

10. How would you improve the state’s access to broadband internet?

I would have to see what regions of the state of not able to obtain broadband internet and then the state should seek out companies that do that type of work and see what they would recommend.  The state could receive bids once a recommendation has been approved.


11. How would you prioritize using the funds provided to WV by the CARES Act and other COVID-19 relief funds?

The funds should be focused on the elderly and those with the highest risk first. Then we should focus on the hardest hit areas to see what the needs are so the proper amount of funds can be sent.

12. What changes in current election laws would you favor to make voting safer and more accessible?

I think our current system works fine. I would ask the County Clerks for each county for recommendations, but our current system appears safe and accessible. My only concern would be how absentee ballots are utilized in assisted living facilities.

13. Lack of broadband access limits employment and educational opportunities in many parts of West Virginia. What should be done to make broadband available statewide?

I feel the state should look into microwave towers in rural areas. This would probably be the quickest, most efficient and economical method of reaching every area of the state.

14. Given COVID-19, how do you propose we protect our students, teachers and school service personnel while at the same time providing equal access to a quality education across the state?

I think the state, health care workers and those in education are doing an excellent job in an ever evolving situation of protection with education of our students and staff. We just need to keep being updated with the CDC.

15. What experience, training or education do you have that would make you an effective state legislator?

I have been in business for over 36 years, I have represented the Christian Schools associated with the WVCEA in Washington, DC for over 15 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts and my dad was in the WV Legislature for 18 years. I am a retired WV State Trooper and I am an ordained minister.

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