NAME: Mark Hunt

COUNTY: Kanawha

PARTY: Non-partisan

DIVISION: Division 1

BIOGRAPHY: Mark A. Hunt comes from a working class family. He attended Lincoln Junior High and graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School, where he was active in sports. He obtained a B.A. Degree from the University of Charleston and a Masters from Marshall University. Mark is married to the former Tracy Conard and is the father of three.

LEGAL/JUDICIAL EXPERIENCES: Mark received his law degree from the District of Columbia School of Law in 1993. He joined the late Tony Serreno in establishing the Hunt and Serreno firm in 1994. He worked as a legislative analyst and was counsel to the West Virginia State Auditor. In 1994 he was elected to the state legislature.

1. How would you make the judicial budgeting process more transparent?

The judicial budgeting process must be more transparent to eliminate many of the problems that have recently plagued the court. I would recommend that each justice as well as each division within the court submit an annual budget request, outlining their financial needs. At least two public hearings should be held before the overall budget is adopted.

2. Do you believe the current system of voluntary recusal is effective in avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest or do we need a change in the system to ensure public confidence in the process? What changes would you propose?

A three-person panel made up of senior status judges should be formed to review any matter that might require recusal. Although I think justices use the current system properly, I believe public perception is so poor that a dramatic change is needed. The appointment of this panel would eliminate many doubts and concerns of the people.

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