NAME: Tim Armstead

COUNTY: Kanawha

PARTY: Non-partisan

DIVISION: Division 1

BIOGRAPHY: I graduated from the University of Charleston and WVU College of Law. With more than a quarter century of legal and governmental service, including working for two governors and serving nearly four years as Speaker of the House, my public service combined with my work as an attorney make me uniquely qualified to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

LEGAL/JUDICIAL EXPERIENCES: My legal practice has included work for two of our state’s largest law firms, service as an in-house attorney in the energy industry and work as a law clerk for a federal judge. I have represented individuals, businesses and organizations in various matters in state and federal court, before administrative agencies, and in relation to property and contract matters.

1. How would you make the judicial budgeting process more transparent?

As Speaker of the House, I established a record of being a fiscal conservative who required transparency and responsible spending in our state budget. As Supreme Court Justice, I would bring that same commitment to preventing wasteful spending and working to ensure a “user-friendly” accounting of all spending so our citizens know exactly how their tax dollars are spent.

2. Do you believe the current system of voluntary recusal is effective in avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest or do we need a change in the system to ensure public confidence in the process? What changes would you propose?

The Code of Judicial Conduct and court rules require judges to recuse themselves when a potential conflict exists. This is a requirement I would take very seriously as a judge. Litigants may file a motion for recusal if a judge does not voluntarily step aside. I am open to considering appropriate changes to reform this process.

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