NAME: Regina “Reggie” Hill

CANDIDATE FOR: Wayne County Circuit Clerk 

PARTY: Democrat



PERSONAL STATEMENT: I was raised in Genoa, by Christian parents, who taught us the value of hard work. I began working while in high school at the age of 16, worked 12 years in government, as deputy county clerk, town council and mayor and the last 19 years in the legal field. I am honest, hard working, dependable and compassionate. I would greatly appreciate your vote, I promise to make you proud.

AGE: 48

EDUCATION: 1988 Graduate of Tolsia High School; 1988-1990 Ashland Community College.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: 2000-Present Office Manager at a local Law Firm.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: 1994-2000 Wayne County Clerk’s Office; Town of Fort Gay Council Member; 2005-2009 Mayor of the Town of Fort Gay.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Wayne County Economic Development Authority.

ENDORSEMENTS: The United Transportation Union CSXT/C&O.

FAMILY: daughter, Charlee; parents, Bill and Lillie Jackson.

1. What experience qualifies you for the office?

My experience in Government includes working with the County’s budget and payroll. My experience in the legal field includes preparing Civil and Domestic Orders, working with computer networking in the creation, management and storage of legal documents and a working knowledge of both Petit and Grand Jury. This experience and knowledge will allow me to hit the ground running.

2. What are your suggestions for improving the operation of the office?

I believe there is always room for improvement. My first action toward improved efficiency would be to meet with the Circuit Court Judges and the Family Court Judge to hear their suggestions. I would also survey the current staff, who are knowledgeable and experienced & an important asset to that office.

3. Would you make any changes to make fees for court documents reflect actual costs?

No. All fees are set by the Supreme Court.

4. What have you done to learn about the functions of this office? Do you intend to be "hands-on"?

Having nearly 20 years of experience in the legal field, along with my previous employment with the County Clerk's office, gives me knowledge of court filings, the inner workings of both Circuit and Family Court, the newly implemented electronic filing system, the Clerk's budget and payroll. Yes, I will definitely be a "hands-on" Clerk, available to serve the public.

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