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House training a new puppy can seem daunting at first, but don’t worry! It’s really pretty simple. The most important thing is to take her outside very frequently for bathroom breaks. Most young puppies need to go out every 20-30 minutes, unless they’re sleeping. Take her out on a leash every time, and reward with a tasty treat from your pocket as soon as she does her business. This gives her lots of practice at doing things right, and keeps her bladder empty to help avoid accidents in the house.

When she’s inside, you need to supervise her closely at all times. If she starts to squat, scoop her up and run her outside to finish up there – then praise and reward as soon as she does. Once she’s gone a full two weeks without any accidents, you can gradually start to give her more freedom in the house and extend the amount of time between potty breaks.

Although it might seem tempting, don’t scold her for having an accident! This doesn’t help her learn, and can confuse her and make her afraid to potty in front of you in the future. Instead, focus on preventing mistakes, and give lots of rewards for getting it right.

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