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"Gilligan’s Dreams: The Other Side of the Island," is the story of Bob and Dreama Denver, and their son, Colin.

I’ve spent countless hours watching Gilligan’s Island, thinking I would have loved to have known Bob Denver. I always thought he was probably one of the sweetest and funniest humans and it would be amazing to know him. Well, thanks to his wife Dreama, we can all do just that.

“Gilligan’s Dreams: The Other Side of the Island,” is the story of Bob, Dreama and their son Colin. Dreama takes you though their life together with all its ups and downs, heartache, good times and bad. You’ll read how a young girl from West Virginia traveled to Florida to co-star in a play with Gilligan himself, not knowing it would change her life. How they fell in love, got married, had a baby and eventually moved to West Virginia to settle down and raise their son.

But like most stories their happily ever after didn’t come easy. You’ll learn about that baby boy and his first years. Years Bob and Dreama spent trying to get answers to why their son wasn’t progressing and how they were told by a doctor to institutionalize him. Both had different reactions to that suggestion, but both were determined that would never happen.

Besides the stories of Colin, my favorite story was of their wedding in Vegas while staying at the Sahara. Dreama won money one night in the casino and even though they had already planned to get married, Bob would always tell everyone he had married her for money. All $750 of it!

There are stories about the casts of Bob’s numerous television shows, appearances and their plays together. I loved hearing that Russell Johnson was the sweetheart I always assumed he was. Did you know he was Purple Heart recipient? Stories of time spent with Dawn Wells and trips to the White House make for great reading.

However, as any good writer does, Dreama put me through all the emotions. She’s held nothing back in telling their story. Its all there. The good, the bad, the happy and the sad. I laughed, I hurt, I celebrated and I cried. I remember crying when I heard Bob had passed away and I cried when I read it in the book. I could feel Bob not wanting to leave and Dreama not wanting to let him go. I understood it, knew it was going to happen, and when it finally did, I cried.

This is book is excellent reading and I think anyone would enjoy it. Thank you Dreama for sharing Bob with us, giving us a glimpse of what an amazing life you both had together and for letting us get to know Colin and, of course, you better! I know Bob is looking down, smiling and thinking how proud he is of his Dreams.

Now, everyone, sit right back and read the tale for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Amy Deal is a romance writer from Huntington.

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