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“Fire and Powder” is the sequel to Hannah Boggs' debut novel "Violent Delights."

Since I read the last page of Hannah Boggs’ debut novel “Violent Delights” I’ve been impatiently waiting on the sequel. She did not disappoint; “Fire and Powder” is one of my favorite reads this year.

Picking up where the first book left off, Odette is trapped in the mansion, married to Greyson and pregnant, she finds herself even more at odds with the Mages’ twins. Finding her every attempt at freedom blocked, escape finally comes without warning. But does anyone really ever escape evil? And how high will be the price be to keep it?

We follow Odette as she tries to stay one step ahead of the twins and their loyal servant, Thorn. Thorn has promised to help as much as he can, but his enslavement to the twins means he can only do so much. And, can he really be trusted?

Odette’s journey takes her back home where she is reunited with her best friends. However, Greyson is always just a step behind. Will he find her, and if he does will her friends pay the ultimate price for helping her?

Boggs has created a magical world where good, evil and all the in-between come together for one thrilling ride. The reader is never sure who is really a friend and who is being manipulated. Through her storytelling mastery, the Mages’ twins continue to become more powerful in character and in deeds. She weaves just enough of the first book into the story, that the reader is reminded of past events and just how much danger Odette and her friends are truly in. Also anyone else who crosses the twin’s paths, be they innocent bystander or someone deemed a threat. No one is safe.

Greer is the most dangerous of the twins, never afraid to leave a trail of bodies if it means protecting herself and her brother. Greyson is not as loyal to Greer and this dynamic plays a large part in the story. We learn more about Thorn and his backstory and I found myself liking him more and wanting him to be the good guy I hope he turns out to be.

I think you’ll love the world of Odette and the twins and agree with me that Hannah Boggs is one writer who you hope never stops writing.

If you’d like to meet Boggs and get a copy of the book, she will be having a book launch tonight, July 15, at The Inner Geek at Pullman Square starting at 6 p.m.

Amy Deal is a romance writer from Huntington.

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