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Quantrell D. Colbert/ABC Comedian/talk show host Steve Harvey is the host of “Family Feud,” which airs nightly on Game Show Network.

“Welcome to ‘Family Feud.’ I’m your man, Steve Harvey.”

On the surface, there doesn’t seem anything very comforting about those words, and yet, somehow, over the past few weeks, they have provided a lot of comfort to me and my husband when we’ve needed it the most.

During this time when we’ve all been staying at home, many people have filled the time binging new shows. But for me, it’s the familiar that provides the most comfort and entertainment during these unfamiliar times.

Here are some of the shows that have been keeping my household entertained and comforted while we stay at home:

1) “Family Feud” (nightly, Game Show Network)

The questions can be strange and inappropriate, and you never know what will come out of the contestants’ mouths. But you can always count on Steve Harvey being entertaining. Just remember that even though family is in the title, “Feud” is not always a family show.

2) “Monk” (all day Tuesdays, SundanceTV)

Although some of Adrian Monk’s (Tony Shalhoub) germ phobias hit a little too close to home these days, watching him solve each week’s mystery in his unique style is strangely reassuring. And it’s always a pleasure to watch Shalhoub, one of the most talented actors of my time, do his best work.

3) “The King of Queens” (afternoons, CMT; late nights, TV Land; all day Wednesday-Friday, Lifetime)

Since I last wrote about “King,” CMT has added the show to its afternoon schedule, no doubt recognizing what a good option it is these days. I even find myself choosing it over reruns of “Friends,” and that is really saying something.

4) “The Andy Griffith Show” (mornings and afternoons, TV Land; mornings, SundanceTV)

When things seem out of control and nowhere near normal, is there any better place to visit than Mayberry?

Some of the first season episodes are a little painful to watch with Andy as a country bumpkin instead of the wise and clever character he would eventually become, and the color episodes without Don Knotts are pretty much unwatchable.

But those episodes in between when the show truly hit its stride are still as entertaining today as they were decades ago.

5) “Days of Our Lives” (1 p.m. weekdays, NBC)

Now that all the mind control chips have been removed from everyone’s brains, it’s time to concentrate on the epic love triangle of Justin-Kayla-Steve (Wally Kurth, Mary Beth Evans, Stephen Nichols), which is about to become a quadrangle with the addition of Hope (Kristian Alfonso). Shake your head if you want, but for some of us, this hour of insanity is what helps us keep our sanity. Remember on days that it’s pre-empted, you can watch that evening on the NBC app or

Got a show that’s helping you get through these tough times? Send me an email or share it on my Facebook page at

Angela Henderson-Bentley writes about television for The Herald-Dispatch. Contact her at

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