Aug. 11

ADKINS - Stephen Scott Adkins and Victoria Ann Jenkins, a daughter, Haley Jo Adkins.

Aug. 17

SOWARDS - Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Shayne Sowards, a son, Malcom Bo Sowards. Mrs. Sowards is the former Brittany Nicole Stewart.

Aug. 18

FRAZIER - Stephanie Marie Frazier, a son, Kynggston Larnelle Michael Frazier.

MILAM - Halie Dawn Milam, a son, Colton Asher Milam.

TAYLOR - Mr. and Mrs. Travis Lee Taylor, a son, Colton Lee Dean Taylor. Mrs. Taylor is the former Audriauna Grace Marie Friend.

Aug. 19

ADKINS - Mr. and Mrs. Jared Lyle Adkins, a daughter, Finlay Rhys Adkins. Mrs. Adkins is the former Lavara Janc Parsons.

CHANEY - Sarah Morgan Peck and Gregory Colby, a son, Maxwell Colby Chaney.

WARD - Danielle Nicole Boyd and Charles Thomas Ward, a daughter, Aelia Moon Ward.

Aug. 20

LUIKART - Miranda Beth Duncan and Tomothy James Luikart, a son, Kayden Allen Luikart.

VASVARY - Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Lee Vasvary, a daughter, Lily Brynne Vasvary. Mrs. Vasvary is the former Stormi Nicole Webb.

KELLEY - Tabitha Ann Jarrell and Luke Steven Kelley, a daughter, MaeLea Jeann Kelley.

ADAMS - Brittany Nicole McCoy and David Keith Adams, a son, Kason Keith Adams.

BRAGG - Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sean Bragg, a son, Maverick Bronx Bragg. Mrs. Bragg is the former Kelli Paige Messer.

KRUK - Mr. and Mrs. Kennith Channing Kruk, a daughter, Isabell Grace Kruk. Mrs. Kruk is the former Brandi Nicole Adkins.

CRAFT - Alexia Taylor Casteel and Joshua Charles Craft, a son, Branson Lee Craft.

FORBUSH - Mariah Marie Yates, a son, Michael Anthony Russell Forbush.

Aug. 21

PATRICK - Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Eugene Patrick, a daughter, Kenslee Dawn Patrick. Mrs. Patrick is the former Taylor Dawn Burker.

COPLEY - Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Alexander Paul Copley, a son, Alexander Paul Copley. Mrs. Copley is the former Ashley Nichole Acord.

CADLE - Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Daniel Cadle, a son, Gunner Zaine Cadle. Mrs. Cadle is the former Felicia LeeAnne Allen.

CHASON - Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Chris Chason, a son, Thorrin Charlee Chason. Mrs. Chason is the former Victoria Lynn Morris.

CHRISTIAN - Rikkie Jowella Adkins and Casey Allen Christian, a daughter, Addilyn Jo Christian.

FORTNER - Samantha Marie Marting and Austin Blaine Fortner, a son, Bryer Blaine Fortner.

Aug. 22

RUNYON - Mr. and Mrs. Philip Zachery Runyon, a daughter, Evelyn Raine Runyon. Mrs. Runyon is the former Chelsey Brooke Brumfield.

CHAPMAN - Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Oneal Chapman, a daughter, Dixie Rose Chapman. Mrs. Chapman is the former Megan Noel Brumfield.

WAUGH - Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Morgan Waugh, a daughter, Alaina Hope Waugh. Mrs. Waugh is the former Kalyn Nicole Adams.

ROBERTSON - Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Travis Robertson, a daughter, Kenzi Nicole Robertson. Mrs. Robertson is the former Brittany Nicole Elder.

THOMAS - Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Edmund Thomas, a son, Elijah Beau Thomas. Mrs. Thomas is the former Susan Elizabeth Simmons.

Aug. 23

ROBERTSON - Mr. and Mrs. Jerrod Seth Robertson, a daughter, Brooklyn Grace Robertson. Mrs. Robertson is the former Brianna Morgan Arnoldt.

BLAIR - Leatha Mae Mitchell and Zachary Tyler Blair, a daughter, Aalayah Mae Blair.

ELKINS - Mikayla Rae Thompson and Nicholas Eli Elkins, a daughter, Emma Grace Elkins.

PETERS - Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Peters, a son, Tommy David Peters Alzate. Mrs. Peters is the former Luisa Fernanda Alzate Hernandez.

WEBB - Shariya Kay'Lee Moss and Lorenzo Marcel Webb, a son, Lorenzo Marcel Webb Jr.

Aug. 24

MIDKIFF - Harold Roy Midkiff Jr. and Michelle Lee Stull, a son Elijah Ray Midkiff.

MULLINS - Mr. and Mrs. Philip James Mullins, a daughter, Everleigh Blake Mullins. Mrs. Mullins is the former Julie Paige Lombardo.

FREEMAN - Mr. and Mrs. Tamlin Cheyne Scott Freeman, a son, Waylon Cheyne Freeman. Mrs. Freeman is the former Chandra Renee Vaughan.

OTWORTH - Mr. and Mrs. Trever Patrick Otworth, a daughter, Sairah Lorraine Otworth. Mrs. Otworth is the former Brooklynn Nichole Kingery.

Aug. 25

HAYES - Mr. and Mrs. James Lloyd Hayes, a son, Dillon Lloyd. Mrs. Hayes is the former Emalee Grace Steel.

WILES - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Joseph Wiles, a son, Graeson Steel. Mrs. Wiles is the former Ashley Bryanne Booton.

Aug. 26

HAGEN - Mr. and Jeffrey Scott Hagen, a daughter, Ava Alliana. Mrs. Hagen is the former April Dawn Cook.

LINDSEY - Mr. and Mrs. Chase Thomas Lindsey, a son, Shepherd Cru. Mrs. Lindsey is the former Chelsea Rachelle Seay.

SIMMONS - Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nye Simmons, a daughter, Riley Mae. Mrs. Simmons is the former Summer Kathleen Ball.

THORNTON - Emily Katherine Perks, a son, Amos Hershel Lee Thornton.

Aug. 27.

CHINN - Teilar McKenzie Muhammad, a daughter, Saevyn Grayce Chinn.

DALTON - Johnathan Lee Dalton and Autumn Nicolle Tucker, a son, Luke Waylon Dalton.

HOGSETT - Mr. and Mrs. Cody Seth Hogsett, a son, Nolan Brian. Mrs. Hogsett is the former Breanna Leigh Skeens.

MEADOWS - Brittany Janell Acker, a daughter, Emberly Janea Rose Meadows.

MERRITT - Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Scott Merritt, a daughter, Eleanor Ann. Mrs. Merritt is the former Patricia Nicole Dotson.

LEONARD - Mr. and Mrs. Antwone Calvin Leonard, a daughter, Jemma Raine. Mrs. Leonard is the former Algene Darlene Esque.

Aug. 28

TERRY - Anthony Scott Terry and Brande Riane Ansell, a son, Bentley Scott Terry.

Aug. 29

HICKS - Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mackenzie Hicks, a son, Kody Andrew. Mrs. Hicks is the former Abigail Grace Daniel.

LITCHFIELD - Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Shay Litchfield, a daughter, Story Hayes. Mrs. Litchfield is the former Lindsey Renae Adkins.

SMOOT - Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Smoot, a son, Tharin Maverick. Mrs. Smoot is the former Kristina Richelle Smith.

Aug. 30

BENNETT - Trystian Matthew Roberts-Hart and Kaitlyn Elisabeth Marie Bennett, a daughter, Makynlee Rae Bennett.

CALLICOAT - Mr. and Mrs. William David Callicoat, a son, Austin David. Mrs. Callicoat is the former Megan Nicole Rigney.

CAMPBELL - Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wesley Campbell, a son, Wesley Owen. Mrs. Campbell is the former Valerie Nicole Windhorst.

HARRIS - Jordan Spence Harris and Bonny MacKinsey Sheets, a daughter, Olyvia Quinn Harris.

JOHNSON - Eugene Allen Johnson, II and Amber Lynn Chadwell, a son, Kade Michael Johnson.

STINNET - Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Courtland Stinnet, a son, Pierce Reid. Mrs. Stinnet is the former Sara Leigh Schofield.

SPURLOCK - Cassandra Nicole Spurlock, a son, Josiah Zeus Spurlock.

TAYLOR - Alanna Jean Salyers, a daughter, Ka'Mya Ceanna Jo Taylor.

Aug. 31

THACKER - Jared Ray Thacker and Lindsey Natia Eddy, a son, Isaac Ray Thacker.


Aug. 24

HAGER - Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Hager, a daughter, Lyla Marie Hager. Mrs. Hager is the former Brittany Hughes.

Aug. 25

SPURLOCK - Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Spurlock, a son Shepherd Lee Spurlock. Mrs. Spurlock is the former Jessica Quick.

Aug. 26

WHEELER - Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Wheeler, a son Wyatt Oliver. Mrs. Wheeler is the former Brittany Bella.

Aug. 28

FARLEY - Tyler Keith Farley and Briana Nichole Ross, a son, Milo Keith Farley.

MUSSER - Taylor Musser and Chelsea O'Shields, a son, Carter Nicholas Gage Musser.

Aug. 31.

COOK - Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Cook, a son, Braydon Cole. Mrs. Cook is the former Kallie Porter.

YOUNG - Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Young, a son, Maddox Noah. Mrs. Young is the former Paige Sansom.


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