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Cabell Huntington Hospital

April 19

Pearson: Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Michael Pearson, a daughter, Amelia Ruth Pearson. Mrs. Pearson is the former Autumn Nicole Mathews.

Daniel: Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Earl Daniel, a daughter, Brandley Jo Daniel. Mrs. Daniel is the former Bethany Tia Bradley.

April 20

Butcher: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacob Butcher, a son, Declan Gage Butcher. Mrs. Butcher is the former Stephanie Marie Brock.

White: Tesia Rose White, a son, Adam Lee Triplett.

Grimmett: Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Gene Grimmett, a daughter, Emersyn Jo Grimmett. Mrs. Grimmett is the former Brittany Jeanne Winter.

Hargrove: Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove, a son, Myles David Pernell Hargrove. Mrs. Hargrove is the former Jacueline Sada McDonald.

Crider: Jenae DeAnna Crider, a son, Major Xavier Crider.

Herrell: Mr. and Mrs. Evan Rex Herrell, a daughter, Hattie Leigh Herrell. Mrs. Herrell is the former Kristen Leigh Webb.

April 21

Woolum: Jacob Andrew Woolum and Elizabeth Marie Nethercutt, a daughter, Raylee Dawn Woolum.

Robinson: William Orlando Robinson and Sarabeth Renee Sayre, a son, Eric Orlando Robinson.

Kendrick: Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Raynard Kendrick, a daughter, Kenleigh Rayonna Dawn Siebert.

Ferrell: Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Daniel Ferrell, a son, Derrick Tucker Ferrell. Mrs. Ferrell is the former Ricki Lynn Jones.

Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jarred Brown, a daughter, Blake Addison Brown. Mrs. Brown is the former Kristina Alice Lemley.

Dindal: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Andrew Dindal, a son, Roman Apollo David Dindal. Mrs. Dindal is the former Megan Michelle Marcum.

Chapman: Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Ray Chapman, a son, Colson Eli Chapman. Mrs. Chapman is the former Salita Dawn Hawk.

Martin: Megan Jordan Martin, a son, Ezekiel Dow Dempsey-Steele.

Messer: Kassady Joe Dillon and Reece Messer Jr., a son, Ryland Lee Messer.

April 22

Adkins: Jasmine Grace Adkins, a son, Luke Andrew Thomas Adkins.

Merola: Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Anthony Merola, a daughter, Hadley Jo Merola. Mrs. Merola is the former Haley Morgan Ryder.

April 24

Adkins: Dakota Chase Adkins and Tiffani Ranae Johnston, a daughter, Elena Joyce Rose Adkins.

April 26

Shull: Mr. and Mrs. Justin Scott Shull, a daughter, Elliana Julene Shull. Mrs. Shull is the former Candi Selene Akers.

April 27

Anderson: Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Edward Anderson, a daughter, Berkleigh Eloise Anderson. Mrs. Anderson is the former Victoria Jean Vance.

Thacker: Alliyah Nicole Thacker, a son, Danial Scott Nekoli Price.

Blankenship: Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Scott Blankenship, a daughter, Macie Nora Blankenship. Mrs. Blankenship is the former Cara Caitlin Harvey.

April 28

Cole: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ray Cole, a son, Finnegan Scott Cole. Mrs. Cole is the former Jessice Marie Conley.

Nicholson: Mr. and Mrs. Cory Allen Nicholson, a daughter, Thea Jane Nicholson. Mrs. Nicholson is the former Ashley Karen Joseph.

Shinn: Corey Brandin Shinn and Taylor Brooke Wyant, a daughter, Berkley Renee Shinn.

Dunn: Zackary Ferris Dunn and Celia Breanne Holley, a daughter, Kylieanne EdNita Dunn.

April 29

Sizemore: Meghan Denea Bayes and Jesse Clarence Sizemore, a son, Carter Eugene Sizemore.

Woodrum: Mr. and Mrs. Cole Morris Woodrum, a daughter, Nora Renee Woodrum. Mrs. Woodrum is the former Jessica Renee McConnell.

Adkins: Emily Faith Adkins, a son, Orion Jennings Adkins.

Ferguson: Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wayne Ferguson, a daughter, Riley Jade Ferguson. Mrs. Ferguson is the former Catherine Nicole Hall.

Ash: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Arthur Ash, a daughter, Emerson Mary Ash. Mrs. Ash is the former Kristin Nicole Chapman.

Hall: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse James Hall, a daughter, Marlee Rae Hall. Mrs. Hall is the former Bree Anna King.

Caldwell: Shari Desiree Harmon and Dusty Gage Caldwell, a daughter, Braleigh Alaina Leona Caldwell.

April 30

Slone: Brittany Nicole Fannin and Bazil Richard Slone, a son, Bazil Richard Slone Jr.

Green: Shaylin Alexis Bradley and Lewis Dillon Green, a daughter, Journee Aspyn Green.

Sellards: Mr. and Mrs. Jamey Ray Sellards, a son, Jameson Ray Sellards. Mrs. Sellards is the former Andrea Shae Morrison.

Raymond: Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Lewis Raymond, a son, Joshua Douglas Raymond. Mrs. Raymond is the former Kaylor Makenzi Fetty.

Meadows: Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Christopher Meadows, a daughter, Evelyn Jane Meadows. Mrs. Meadows is the former Lizbeth Dezerae Rowe.

Markham: China Marie Markham, a daughter, Ka’laigha Hope Markham.

Jones: Cassie Jo Malone and Nathan Brent Jones, a son, Zayne Braxton Jones.

Robertson: Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Howard Robertson, a son, Timothy Max Robertson. Mrs. Robertson is the former Allison Kelli Crabtree.

Cook: Brittany Deshawn Thomas and Christopher Aaron Cook, a son, Christopher Michael Cook.

May 1

Uba: Charity Nkemdilim Omuasi and John Liuis Uba, a daughter, Chiagozie Adele Uba.

Jenkins: Natasha Marie Burchett and Cody Jenkins, a daughter, Juliet Rose Jenkins.

Barker: Kendra Lamay Bradford and Tyrone Kert Barker Jr., a daughter, Olivia Skye Barker.

May 2

Burger: Vanessa Lynn Tackett and Shymeik Damarion Burger, a daughter, Kiaya Paige Burger.

Napier: Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Earl Napier, a son, Aiden Frederick Napier. Mrs. Napier is the former Sierra Lynn Freize.

Cron: Kimberly Renee Slaughter, a son, Aaron David Cron Jr.

May 3

Retort: Mr. and Mrs. Randolph James Retort, a son, Devlin James Retort. Mrs. Retort is the former Michelle Irene Fleet.

King: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kevin King, a daughter, Serenity Faith King. Mrs. King is the former Krystal Gail Bellomy.

Meddings: Neana Marie Hoosier and Joshua Allen Meddings, a daughter, Bristol Alayne Meddings.

Johnson: Amy Jo Bowman and Jacob Hunter Johnson, a daughter, Ivy Rose Johnson.

Butt: Breanna CaeCea Dawn Hunter and Thomas Lynn Butt III, daughter and son twins, Caelynn Faith Ann and Thomas Lynn Butt IV.

May 4

Menshouse: Casey Lee Menshouse and Kendall Elise Johnson, a son, Asa Lee Menshouse.

Crawford: Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Vernon Crawford, a son, Gabriel Ralph Crawford. Mrs. Crawford is the former Julie Ann Barger.

Bash: Mr. and Mrs. Jason Erik Bash, a daughter, Sadie Elizabeth Bash. Mrs. Bash is the former Tammy Lynn Thompson.

May 5

Ferguson: Mr. and Mrs. Austin Briant Ferguson, a son, Timothy Alex Ferguson. Mrs. Ferguson is the former Hollie Ann Stewart.

Gue: Alisha Renee Lynn Ramsey, a daughter, Mariana Faith Isabella Gue.

Kazee: Krystal Dawn McCoy, a daughter, Kali Dawn Kazee.

May 6

Kearns: Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Wayne Kearns, a son, Maverick Wayne Kearns. Mrs. Kearns is the former Trista Marlene Ross.

Williams: Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Maris Williams, a son, Logan Barrett Williams. Mrs. Williams is the former Racheal Shantel Sullivan.

Ridenour: Mr. and Mrs. David Ridenour, a daughter, Emily Dawn Ridenour. Mrs. Ridenour is the former Angela Dawn West.

Herrera: Rhian Olivia Aliff and John Scott Herrera Jr., a son, Dakota Jayce Herrera.

May 7

Malone: Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wade Malone, a daughter, McKenleigh Skye Malone. Mrs. Malone is the former Amber Lynn Bailey.

Westcott: Mr. and Mrs. Randall Scott Westcott, a son, Nicholas Scott Westcott. Mrs. Westcott is the former Amy Denise Whitt.

Gooch: Mr and Mrs. William Alexander Gooch, a daughter, Olivia Marie Gooch. Mrs. Gooch is the former Diana Marie Lewis.

Jacob: Melissa Rose Pollitt and Limpson Jacob, a daughter, Emaleena Rose Jacob.

Bailey: Myriah Shae Starkey and Rico Andre Bailey, a daughter, Astrid Danielle Bailey.

May 8

Topping: Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Brandon Topping, a son, Bradley Alan Topping. Mrs. Topping is the former Elizabeth Nicole Straub.

Yates: Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Michael Yates, a son, Holden Michael Thomas Yates. Mrs. Yates is the former Summer Lea Ray.

Casto: Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sheldon Casto, a son, Adonis James Casto. Mrs. Casto is the former Kathryn Elizabeth Fowler.

May 9

Blevins: Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lee Blevins, a son, Fischer Hayes Blevins. Mrs. Blevins is the former Kelsey Danielle Steele.

Fletcher: Keylee Belinda Fletcher, a son, Bonham Lee Fletcher.

Taylor: Keyera Dawn Taylor, a daughter, Amora Dawn Taylor.

Selvage: Jennifer Ann Spencer Riggs and Chad Daniel Selvage, a son, Jaxson Daniel Selvage.

May 10

Gue: Destiny Paige Brown and Randy Monroe Gue, a son, Bentley Hunter Gue.

Wells: Mr. and Mrs. James Cody Wells, a daughter, Olivia Clair Wells. Mrs. Wells is the former Amanda Danielle Jarrell.

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