Cabell Huntington Hospital

Oct. 21

Cantley — Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Lee Cantley, a son, Elijah Isaiah. Mrs. Cantley is the former Amy Noel Woody.

Harris — Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Forest Harris, a daughter, Luna Elizabeth. Mrs. Harris is the former Jaylan Nichole Burton.

Johnson — Blake Allen Johnson and Cassie Renee Adkins, a daughter, Ellie Rayne Johnson.

Thompson — Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kincaid Thompson, a son, Camdyn Grady. Mrs. Thompson is the former Elizabeth Bonita Anne Eldred.

Oct. 22

Christian — Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Michael Christian, a son, Cooper Myles. Mrs. Christian is the former Kailee Nicole Davis.

Harris — Joseph Louis Harris III and April Dawn Burton, a daughter, Amaya Fayth Harris.

Heighton — Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Joseph Heighton, a son, Andrew Joseph II. Mrs. Heighton is the former Natalie Megan Dial.

McCallister— Shannon Marie Clifton, a daughter, Bailee Ann’Marie McCallister.

Messinger — Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Jennings Messinger, a son, Kayn Chase. Mrs. Messinger is the former Jordan Mackenzie Sims.

Miller — Jacob Ryan Miller and Chelsea Nicole Stowers, a daughter, Aria Gail Miller.

Oct. 23

Anderson — Keith David Anderson and Marissa Alexandra Stevens, a son, Andrew David Anderson.

Curry — Bruce Allen Curry II and Brianna Robinett, a son, Drake Sebastian Curry.

Davis — Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anthony Davis II, a daughter, Cydney Dawn Jean. Mrs. Davis is the former Andrea Lynn Chambers.

Dotson — Theresa Ann Casey, a daughter, Janet Lee-Lynn Dotson.

Estep — Shyan Skye Brewer, a daughter, Shylo Skye Estep.

Rose — Mr. and Mrs. Cody Zachariah Rose, a daughter, Maymee Jenelle. Mrs. Rose is the former Abigail Jayne Dyer.

Oct. 25

Adkins — Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Hobert Adkins, a son, Sutton Judd. Mrs. Adkins is the former Megan Nicole Lusher.

Bethea — Herman Dre’Shawn Bethea and Sydney Nicole Lester, a son, Kingston Omari Bethea.

Chen — Mr. and Mrs. Sinan Chen, a son, Aaron Gai. Mrs. Chen is the former Chunux Gai.

Cochran — Mr. and Mrs. Julie Ann Ball, a son, Garrett Brian Cochran.

Davis — Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Scott Davis, a son, Jackson Scott. Mrs. Davis is the former Christina Lynn Meade.

Fouch — Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Scott Fouch and Miranda Chantel Bailey, a daughter, Araya LeeRayne Rose Rouch.

Maynard — Mr. and Mrs. James Curtis Maynard, a son, Parker Jeremy. Mrs. Maynard is the former Brooke Gabrielle Murphy.

McGuire — Mr. and Mrs. Shane Michael McGuire, a daughter, Rayne Trichel. Mrs. McGuire is the former Shelby Dawn House.

Mounts — Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Patrick Mounts, a son, Jacob Miles. Mrs. Mounts is the former Laure Nickol Shriver.

Roach — Blake Mitchel Roach and Kelli Jo Spillman, a daughter, Blakely Reece Roach.

Riggs — Mrs. and Mrs. Christopher Douglas Riggs, a daughter, Krislyn Rayne Riggs.

Salyer — Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Scott Salyer, a son, Sam Anthony. Mrs. Salyer is the former Christa Cantere.

Oct. 26

Bowles — Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Jacob Bowles, a son, Hunter Lucas. Mrs. Bowles is the former Kathryn Mae Hunter.

Dingess — Sarah Elizabeth Dingess, a daughter, River Irena Jane Dingess.

Hatfield — Mr. and Mrs. Jason Tyler Hatfield, a son, Jaxx Tyler. Mrs. Hatfield is the former Bethany Jo Ward.

Salmons — Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dale Salmons II, a daughter, Taylee Isabella Sue. Mrs. Salmons is the former Jenni Lynne Knapp.

St. Mary’s Medical Center

Oct. 16

Searls — Mr. and Mrs. Paul Michael Searls, a son, Garrett Maverick Delaney. Mrs. Searls is the former Rebeckah Joy Damron.

Oct. 21

Griffith — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Griffith, a daughter, Charlotte Anne. Mrs. Griffith is the former Sydney Willis.

Mullin — Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mullin II, a son, Gallagher Theo. Mrs. Mullin is the former Rachel Perry.

Oct. 23

Campbell — Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Lee Campbell, a daughter, Everleigh Faith. Mrs. Campbell is the former Lanayea Lousie Atkins.

Oct. 24

Campbell — Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Campbell, a son, Benjamin Josiah. Mrs. Campbell is the former Valeria Washington.

Hale — Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hale, a daughter, Ainsley Joy. Mrs. Hale is the former Katelyn Kirby.

Miller — Shayne Miller and Erica Thacker, a son, Axl Shayne Miller.

Oct. 25

Lucas — Anthony Ray Lucas and Kyra Jonae Browning, a son, Benson Reed Lucas.

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