Cabell Huntington Hospital

Nov. 15

Sorrow: Briana LaShea Holton and Zachary Todd Sorrow, a daughter, Zoe Elizabeth Rose Sorrow.

Nov. 17

Gay: Lakasha Nicole Kessick and Richard Brandon Gay, a son, Brennon Lee Gay.

Vilchez: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Enrique Vilchez, a son, Brandon Jose Vilchez.

Nov. 18

Sanders: Jamie Marie Lynn Smith and Tyler Dwain Sanders, a daughter, Vivian June Lynn Sanders.

Tomblin: Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ray Tomblin, a daughter, Ella Mae Tomblin. Mrs. Tomblin is the former Jaime Icle Spaulding.

Nov. 19

Phillips: Mr. and Mrs. Terry Austin Phillips, a son, Layne Austin Phillips. Mrs. Phillips is the former Tianna Marie Angel.

Shope: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lloyd Shope, a daughter, Gwendolyn Lorraine Shope. Mrs. Shope is the former Natalie Maria Gibbs.

Ferguson: Catlyn McKenzie Ferguson, a daughter, Namoi Rose Ferguson.

Stapleton: Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Garret Stapleton, a son, Luke Garret Stapleton. Mrs. Stapleton is the former Fawn Elaine Hoffman.

Benson: Mr. and Mrs. James Cain Benson, a son, Jace Conrad Benson. Mrs. Benson is the former Casey Lynn Hoalcraft.

Nov. 20

Nguyen: Mr. and Mrs. Hai Duc and Hoa Khanh Nguyen, a daughter, Anna Hong Anh Nguyen.

Smith: Jessica Ann Blinn, a daughter, Jazlynn Jane Smith.

Roberts: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Scott Roberts, a daugther, Berkley Lynn Roberts. Mrs. Roberts is the former Breanna Michelle Martin.

Searls: Mr. and Mrs. Adam Christian Searls, a son, Arlo Adam Searls. Mrs. Searls is the former Courtney Lynn Jones-McTaggart.

Roll: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hilton Roll, a son, Daniel Alton Roll. Mrs. Roll is the former Rebecca Anne Cline.

Adkins: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Michael Adkins, a daughter, Abigail Adkins. Mrs. Adkins is the former Ashley Dawn Adkins.

Wysong: Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Allen Wysong, a son, Dylan James Wysong. Mrs. Wysong is the former Jessica Alyce Lambert.

Nov. 21

Clark: Megan Marie McCarley and Dylan Mackenzie Clark, a son, Arlo McCarley Clark.

Caldwell: Sarah Pauline Woods and Christopher Barry Caldwell, a daughter, Raylynn Ruth Caldwell.

Smith: Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Stephen Smith, a son, Adler Joel Smith. Mrs. Smith is the former Ariel Joana Marie Lane.

Compton: Mr. and Mrs. Austin Michael Compton, a son, Alexander Michael Scott Compton. Mrs. Compton is the former Payton Marie Griffin.

Nov. 22

Zepp: Mr. and Mrs. Brian Anthony Zepp, a daughter, Rowyn Elizabeth Zepp. Mrs. Zepp is the former Jamie Michelle Zepp.

Blackburn: Mr. and Mrs. Justin Tyler Blackburn, a daughter, Elliana Elysce Blackburn. Mrs. Blackburn is the former Rachel Kendra Farley.

Fizer: Mr. and Mrs. Austen Raine Fizer, a daughter, Raynzlie Dawn Fizer. Mrs. Fizer is the former Roxanna Dawn Davis.

Barber: Jamie Lee Summers and Bryan Adam Barber, a son, Axel Colt Barber.

Nov. 23

Barker: Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Alek Barker, a son, Cash Michael Barker. Mrs. Barker is the former Samantha Ray Ross.

Asebes: Mr. and Mrs. Correy Seth Asebes, a son, Noah Christopher Asebes. Mrs. Asebes is the former Olivia Ruth Mason.

Lewis: Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Kalen Lewis, a son, Rowan Landry Lewis. Mrs. Lewis is the former Miranda Danielle Holbrook.

Diamond: Keirsten Lashay Hatfield and Joshua Tyler Diamond, a daughter, Mia Grace Diamond.

Nov. 24

Akers: Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Roy Akers, a son, Theodore William Akers. Mrs. Akers is the former Alicia Renee Sparks.

Blake: Hannah Mae Cook and Matthew Christopher Blake, a son, Parker Reed Blake.

St. Mary’s Medical Center

Nov. 21

Ross: Madison Riddle and William Ross, a daughter, Evalynn Suzanne Ross.

Nov. 22

Wilson: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilson, a daughter, Aleeah Grace Wilson. Mrs. Wilson is the former Sumer Adkins.

Hagley: Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hagley Jr., a son, Waylon Daniel Hagley. Mrs. Hagley is the former Leandra Mays.

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