Cabell Huntington Hospital

Sept. 22

Tennyson — Stacy Ann Tennyson, a daughter, Paisley Deeann Adkins.

Sept. 24

Adkins — Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Derek Adkins, a son, William Howard. Mrs. Adkins is the former Barrie Ann Mack.

Brumfield — Mr. and Mrs. Geston David Churchill Brumfield, a son, Paul Beau Ronan. Mrs. Brumfield is the former Alisha Marie Hawthorne.

Damron — Michael Anthony Spradling and Joanna Marie Damron, a daughter, Ashtyn Kyndal Damron.

Ferguson — Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Matthew Ferguson, a daughter, Rylan Paige. Mrs. Ferguson is the former Juli-Ann Johnston.

Martin — Mr. and Mrs. Jamison Lee Martin, a son, Gideon Epsilon. Mrs. Martin is the former Bobbie Sue Blanton.

Remines — Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Courtney Remines, a daughter, Olivia Grace. Mrs. Remines is the former Jana Alyse Czarnik.

Turner — Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kay Turner II, a daughter, Anora Ann. Mrs. Turner is the former Jessica Danielle Nelson.

Waugh — Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Frederick Waugh, a daughter, Cori Elizabeth. Mrs. Waugh is the former Amanda Brooke Lambert.

Sept. 25

Curtis — Mr. and Mrs. Bradley James Curtis, a daughter, Elizabeth Caroline. Mrs. Curtis is the former Grace Kathlynne Hannon.

Malcomb — Trey Isaac Malcomb and Megan Breanne Dean, a son, Owen Christopher Malcomb.

Sept. 26

Bradshaw — Ethan Lucas Bradshaw and Lindsey Denaye James, a son, Aiden Harris Bradshaw.

Meadows — Cody Austin Meadows and Abby Louise Payton, a son, Jacob Austin Meadows.

Stratton — Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Ray Stratton, a son, Abel Ray. Mrs. Stratton is the former Devin Noelle Hager.

Waugh — Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy William Waugh, twin son and daughter, Walker Darin and Winne Lea. Mrs. Waugh is the former Haley Morgan Hall.

Sept. 27

Gravely — Samuel James Howard Gravely and Anna Christeen Smith, a son, Salem Lennox Gravely.

Lewis — Mr. and Mrs. Seth Andrew Lewis, a daughter, Willow Kate. Mrs. Lewis is the former Katherine Lidnsey-Brooke Turley.

Parsons — Mr. and Mrs. Travis Wade Parsons, a daughter, Kaylee Rebecca. Mrs. Parsons is the former Brittany Elizabeth Crary.

Sept. 28

Lynbrand — Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cory Lynbrand, a daughter, Ariel Blake. Mrs. Lynbrand is the former Darry Ann Ross.

Sept. 29

Curry — Sheena Rachelle Sparks, a daughter, Cadence Rachelle Curry.

Walls —Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Nathaniel Walls, a son, Theo Jay. Mrs. Walls is the former Holly Michelle Doss.

St. Mary’s Medical Center

Sept. 23

Jeffrey — Brett Mayo and Alyssa Morris, a son, Brooks Jeffrey.

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