Cabell Huntington Hospital

Thursday, June 20

ANGEL - Mr. and Mrs. Kegan Angel a daughter, Rae Rose Angel. Mrs. Angel was the former Ashley Phillips.

Sunday, June 23

RUSSELL - Wendy Leigh Harris and Michael Shawn Russell a son, Grayson Edward Russell.

Monday, June 24

DAVIS - Kimberly Jane Dean and Joshua Delano Davis, a daughter Zula Faye Davis.

HODGE - Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan Michael Hodge a daughter, Aubree Grace Hodge. Mrs. Hodge is the former Breanna Nicole Webb.

PRATER - Kristin Michelle Morgan and Richard Lee Prater a son, Kyler Lee Prater.

RIGGS - Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Tyler Riggs a son, Remington Darrell Riggs. Mrs. Riggs is the former Lacy Chantel Wiggins.

SKINNER - Molly Hannah Webb a son, Jacob Eli Morgan Skinner.

Tuesday, June 25

ADAMS - Chelsea Marie Jeffers and Jonathan Andrew Adams a son, Austin Andrew Adams.

DAVIS - Kathy Maxzine Rakes and Richard Alan Davis a daughter, Marlee Sue Davis.

HALLAM - Katherine Opal Cooper and Christopher Lee Hallam a daughter, Skylar Pearl Hallam.

RILEY - Mr. and Mrs. David Orville Riley Jr. a daughter, Amelia Ruth Riley. Mrs. Riley is the former Audra Leigh Watts.

ROSEBERRY - Mr. and Mrs. Brian Albert Roseberry a daugther, Alora Mae Roseberry. Mrs. Roseberry is the former Tiffany Mercedes Carrico.

Wednesday, June 26

BROOKS - Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Paul Brooks a son, Axl Reed Brooks. Mrs. Brooks is the former Chassidy Nicole Marcum.

CLARK - Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Ross Clark a daughter, Paisley Mae Clark. Mrs. Clark is the former Kaitlin Louise Hodson.

DAVIS - Amber Nicole Davis a daughter, Emerly Grace Davis.

DICKESS - Tara Nicole Thompson a daugther, Everly Lynn Dickess.

FUGATE - Emily Lauren Keeney and Dakota Lee Cush Fugate a son, Memphis Lee-Dale Cush Fugate.

JOHNSON - Holly Brooke Johnson a son, Milo Payton Johnson.

JOHNSTON - Mr. and Mrs. Dakota William Johnston a daughter, Tynleigh Grayce Johnston. Mrs. Johnston is the former Lisa Marie Turley

LINDSEY - Mr. and Mrs. Colton Thomas Lindsey a daughter, Carson Olivia Lindsey. Mrs. Lindsey is the former Jordan Brianne Alridge.

SARGENT - Heather Renee Abbott a son, Wyatt Gordon Sargent.

WILSON - Carolyn Irene Jenkins and Delbert Timothy Wilson Jr. a son, Braxton Cole Wilson.

Thursday, June 27

GIBSON - Victoria Logan Thompson and Aaron Bradley Gibson a daughter, Aubreigh Rose Gibson.

HINCHMAN - Amelia Faith Chapman and Bryan Andrew Hinchman a son, Ridge Matthew Hinchman

MAULDIN - Mr. and Mrs. Steven Earl Mauldin a son, Case Stetson Mauldin. Mrs. Mauldin is the former Ashlei Nicole Locklear.

ROSEBERRY - Mr. and Mrs. James Roger Roseberry a daughter, Jenna Faith Roseberry. Mrs. Roseberry is the former Lesley Nicole Delong.

Friday, June 28

HOGSETT - Mr. and Mrs. Julian Scott Hogsett a son Spencer Maddox Hogsett. Mrs. Hogsett is the former Sarah Kaitlin Canady

JACKSON - Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Lee Jackson a son, Waylon Gray Jackson. Mrs. Jackson is the former Jodie Starlin Howerton.

NOTTINGHAM - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edward Nottingham a son, Dylan Edward Nottingham. Mrs. Nottingham is the former Jenny Gay Warner.

PORTER - Tiffany Annamae Black and Roger Lee Porter a daughter, Sophia Grace Porter.

WAMSLEY - Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Brian Wamsley a daughter, Kaelynn Jae Wamsley. Mrs. Wamsley is the former Kennedy Alexis Young

Saturday, June 29

STAHL - Mr. and Mrs. Ian Christian Stahl a daughter, Hadley Avery Stahl. Mrs. Stahl is the former Kaylee Marie Butcher

STANLEY - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Franklin Stanley II a son, Danny Benton Stanley. Mrs. Stanley is the former Krystal Leann Whitt

Sunday, June 30

WHITT - Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Maxwell Whitt two sons, Hudson Dax and Nolan Maxwell Whitt. Mrs. Whitt is the former Samantha Danielle Ratliff.

St. Mary's Medical Center

Tuesday, June 25

BAYS -Heath Douglas Bays and Haley Nicole Smith a daughter, Heather Reece Bays.

DICKERSON - Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dickerson a son, Benjamin Isaiah Dickerson. Mrs. Dickerson is the former Abigail Warner.

Wednesday, June 26

JOHNSON - Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Johnson a son, Ash Russell Johnson. Mrs. Johnson is the former Kalie Butcher

Saturday, June 29

SALYERS - Mr. and Mrs. Crestin Salyers a daughter, Raylee Jo Salyers. Mrs. Salyers is the former Miranda Looney


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