July 13

WOODYARD - Mr. and Mrs. Winston Graham Woodyard, a son, Benjamin Alexander. Mrs. Woodyard is the former Megan Elizabeth Farrell.

July 28

CHAPMAN - Christian Dewayne Chapman and Emily Audreauna Smith, a son, Waylon Dewane Chapman.

SNODGRASS - Mr. and Mrs. Justin Lee Snodgrass, a daughter, Lillee Bell. Mrs. Snodgrass is the former Lea Ann Flanery.

July 29

EASTWOOD - Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Grayson Eastwood, a daughter, Anney Klayre. Mrs. Eastwood is the former Laura Susan Ross.

FETHEROLF - Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Matthew Fetherolf, a daughter, Brenna Rowen. Mrs. Fetherolf is the former Mariah Kimberlyn Justice.

HESTER - John Renard Hester and Jillian Nicole Felder, a son, Langston James Hester.

KNIGHT - Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Randall Knight, a daughter, Bentlee Grace. Mrs. Knight is the former Tiffani Dawn Ferguson.

SAUNDERS - Mr. and Mrs. Justin Douglas Saunders, a daughter, Blair Catherine. Mrs. Saunders is the former Brittany Nicole Hensley.

July 30

BOLTZ - Justine Ann Boltz, a son, Kaidynce Alexander Boltz.

MAYNARD - Mr. and Mrs. Adam Fletcher, a son, Teccoa Trey Wayne. Mrs. Fletcher is the former Ashley Nicole Maynard.

NUTTER - Chester Carson Nutter and Haley Brianna Scarberry, a son, Paxton Cayde Nutter.

O'DELL - Jacob Tyler O'Dell and Shannon Sylvia Kay Ackinson, a son, Elijah Jacob O'Dell.

REED - Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lee Reed, a son, Jaxen James. Mrs. Reed is the former Joanna Mac Hiser.

July 31

CHAPMAN - Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Andrew Chapman, a daughter, Vayda Lee. Mrs. Chapman is the former Caitlin Renee Ross.

CHINN - Mr. and Mrs. James Randall Chinn, a son, William Wyatt. Mrs. Chinn is the former Cassandra Jo Watts.

Aug. 1

ARTHUR - Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Scott Arthur, a daughter, Lillian Renee. Mrs. Arthur is the former Vanessa Marie Ward.

BERRY - Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Paul Graerne Berry, a son, Noah Joshua Paul. Mrs. Berry is the former Kristi Lynn Matthews.

BIAS - Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dean Bias, a son, Elijah Jennings. Mrs. Bias is the former Beverly Ann Roberts.

BLACKBURN - Mr. and Mrs. Perry Shane Blackburn, a son, Phoenix Cristo. Mrs. Blackburn is the former Mindi Mae Bennington.

CAMPBELL - Mr. and Mrs. Eric Matthew Campbell, a daughter, Evelyn Theresa. Mrs. Campbell is the former Ashleigh Marie Asbury.

FARLEY - Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ray Farley, a son, Mattox Westyn. Mrs. Farley is the former Maggie Michele Fleming.

LUTHER - Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Keith Luther, a son, Braxton Miles. Mrs. Luther is the former Lindsay Nicole Miles.

MORGAN - Ryan Matthew Morgan and Rachel Lynn Roderick, a daughter, Henley Cerise Morgan.

WILBURN - Jesse Hunter Wilburn and Jessi Nicole Porter, a son, Tatem Layne Wilburn.

Aug. 2

ARTMAN - Mr. and Mrs. Don Gerald Artman II, a daughter, Aurora Kate. Mrs. Artman is the former Caitlin Marie Starkey.

JOHNSON - Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Ryan Johnson, a son, Liam Nathaniel. Mrs. Johnson is the former Latisha Renee Roush.

WALKER - Tiscan Jayree Walker and Deidre Jeanenne Adkins, a daughter, Autumn Tijhene Cree Walker.

Aug. 3

BACK - Meranda Lee Hayes and Dylan Michael Back, a son, Weston Michael Back.

ROACH - Derek David Roach and Arizona Nicole Kearns, a daughter, Maizely Raegan Roach.

STACY - Mr. and Mrs. James Ralph Stacy III, a son, Ryan James. Mrs. Stacy is the former Sarah Jessica Shifflett.


July 30

OWENS - Mr. and Mrs. Zachery Lee Owens, a daughter, Frankie Lee. Mrs. Owens is the former Jessica Catherine Nudd Herman.

July 31

HAGER - Mr. and Mrs. David Joseph Hager, a son, Weston James. Mrs. Hager is the former Mariah Cremeans.

TURLEY - Jeremy James Turley and Lauren Beth Maney, a daughter, Ella Mae Turley.

AUG. 1

O'MALLEY - Daniel Jacob O'Malley and Mary Elizabeth Ferda, a son, Everett Jack Ferda O'Malley.


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