Cabell Huntington Hospital

Dec. 28

Willis: Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Allen Willis, a daughter, Skye Renee Willis. Mrs. Willis is the former Sashe Renee Burcham.

Dec. 29

Mandelka: Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Adam Mandelka, twins, Kyzen Minnixx Mandelka and Kastel Matrixx Mandelka. Mrs. Mandelka is the former Marissa Evelin Denise Michael.

Wilson: Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Joel Wilson, a daughter, Baylee Reese Wilson. Mrs. Wilson is the former Amanda Dawn King.

Dec. 30

Denning: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fenton Denning, a son, Otto Zhou Denning. Mrs. Denning is the former Ying Tian.

Moore: Elizabeth Anne Auvil and Zane Keith Moore, a daughter, Willow Ray Moore.

Peck: Taylor Jewel Boatright and Franklin Jacob Peck, a daughter, Evelynn Adalaya Peck.

Dec. 31

Tenney: Mr. and Mrs. Camron Barrett Tenney, a daughter, Meredith Dawn Tenney. Mrs. Tenney is the former Alyssa Dawn Anderson.

Slaughter: Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Slaughter, a son, Jaxon Cole Slaughter. Mrs. Slaughter is the former Abigael Lynn Bowen.

Blake: Mr. and Mrs. Ryan D’Shawn Blake, twin boys, Jasper Landry Blake and Oliver Beckham Blake. Mrs. Blake is the former Harley Joanne Cooper.

Wiggan: Ariel Marlene Bartram and Janeel LaShone Wiggan Jr., a daughter, Zaniya Jahnea Wiggan.

Stewart: Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Kane Stewart, a son, Lincoln Gauge Stewart. Mrs. Stewart is the former Montana Faith Turner.

Marshall: Jamie Lee Heaberlin and Justin Harmon Marshall, a daughter, Ruby Jane Marshall.

Redden: Indy Elizabeth Brandyberry and Thomas Jeffery Redden, a son, Zaylor Wade Redden.

Todd: Kristen Elizabeth Hughhart and Kenneth William Keion Todd, a son, Kenneth William Keion Todd Jr.

Fairchild: Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tyler Fairchild, a daughter, Lila Grace Fairchild. Mrs. Fairchild is the former Alison Nicole Combs.

Jan. 1

Porter: Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Taylor Porter, a daughter, Kimber Eden Porter. Mrs. Porter is the former Halley Jo Hensley.

Smith: Angela Nicole Beckett and Steven Richard Justin Smith, a daughter, Amiyah Renae Faye Smith.

Ferguson: Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lee Ferguson, a son, Gunnar Lee Ferguson. Mrs. Ferguson is the former Mystery Ann Littleton.

Eurell: Tiffany Ann Pasquala and Nathan Fitzgerald Eurell, a daughter, Kaylynn Fayth Eurrell.

Atrip: Mr. and Mrs. Derek Alan Atrip, twin boys, Miles Alan Atrip and Grayson Derek Atrip. Mrs. Atrip is the former Lori Beth Stoler.

Jan. 3

Dillman: Christina Marie Dotson and Jacob Martin Dillman, a son, Noah James Dillman.

Jan. 4

Romine: Champagne Chantiell Romine, a son, Ryker Jase Romine.

Higginbotham: Mr. and Mrs. Cody Lee Higginbotham, a son, Scott Thomas Higginbotham. Mrs. Higginbotham is the former Tiffany Nicole Brown.

Moore: Cierra Danielle Majher and David Wayne Moore Jr., a daughter, Avery Sky Moore.

Wang: Jessica Lynn McComb and George Chang Wang, a son, Noah Jaxon Wang.

Spence: Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Douglas Spence, a son, Jasper Wyatt Spence. Mrs. Spence is the former Savannah Lynn Dixon.

St. Mary’s Medical Center

Dec. 30

Adkins: Mr. and Mrs. David Adkins, a son, Samuel David Adkins. Mrs. Adkins is the former Madyson Hinchman.

Dec. 31

Wolfe: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wolfe, a son, Asher Ty Wolfe. Mrs. Wolfe is the former Alison Raines.

Jan. 1

McClain: Natasha Swanigan and Nathan McClain, a son, Syncere Armani McClain.

Jan. 2

Nelson: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nelson, a daughter, Hope Everleigh Nelson. Mrs. Nelson is the former Morgan Salters.

Jan. 4

Darby: Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Darby, a daughter, Averie Jo Darby. Mrs. Darby is the former Barbie Young.

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