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NO SHOW: Mountain Stage has canceled all live performances scheduled in March. Tickets purchased at Taylor Books may be refunded at the store or at Eventbrite; email

AWARDED: And the award goes to … for three times in its 83 years, Marshall Artists Series recently received the 2020 West Virginia Governor’s Arts Award for Leadership in the Arts — Organization. David Tyson, West Virginia Commission on the Arts member and co-president of the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center, presented the tremendous and well-deserved honor.

AWESOME: One awesome family physician celebrated a birthday in late February. Dr. Kathy Saber, of Barboursville, not only a doctor but a friend to some patients, deserves every good thing this world has to offer. She listens, she cares, she loves, she helps, she’s gifted in medical knowledge and how it’s applied. Not only do her patients love her, but her longtime staff consisting of Cindy, Betty and Kim are also proud to call her friend and have her “bossing them around.” Here’s hoping her special day was as special and awesome as she is, and praying God gives her continued strength, boldness and necessary desires to carry on with this profession many more years. Trying to replace this friend would be a difficult task as there could never be another like her.

CANCELED: The annual quilt show by Lawrence County Ohio Extension Homemakers scheduled for Saturday, March 21, at Briggs Library in South Point, Ohio, has been canceled.

GRANDPARENTS: Ricky Sansom, graduating classmate of mine from Barboursville High Class of 1971 and former neighbor in Salt Rock, and his wife, Debbie, became grandparents Feb. 26. Tyler and Sarah Sansom, son and daughter-in-law, adopted their daughter, Leigh Ann Harper Sansom, in Indiana. Congratulations on this new member of the family.

DINNERS: The remaining Lenten fish dinners originally served Fridays through April 3 are canceled at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church.

FRIEND: Erma Coovert, of Barboursville, continues to be at the top of the friends’ favorite list with my family. She is a downright jewel, with a beautiful and faithful Christian smile. The last time I saw “Miss Erma” was January 2019 when my sister, mother and I had dinner with her the day before I was hospitalized for a week. She is always a joy and blessing to be around. Although Erma doesn’t look any older than the first time we met when she worked at Dr. Saber’s office, she becomes another year older Thursday, March 19. May her year be healthy, happy and surprise filled, along with being filled with fond memories, cherished friendships and heartfelt Christian love.

CANCELED: The performance of “Llama, Llama Red Pajama Live!” musical has been canceled for Tuesday, March 24, at Ashland’s Paramount Arts Center. Refunds are issued through the box office.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAYS: Todd Lester, Joyce Bowyer, Patrick Duke, Marieanne Cordle, Carolyn Baylous, Casey Caldwell, Y Daugherty, Bob Force, Mike Sumner, Kim Eng, Nancy Ritchie, Josh Nicely celebrates the double threes at 33, Dorothy Lawrence, Ruth Prater, Nancy Underwood, Mark Tolley, Andrea Vanderwarker, Laura Gatewood, Carter Miller, Charles Swafford.

TODAY’S ANNIVERSARIES: Roy and Nancy White, John and Becky Collins, Peggy and Richard Adkins, George and Susan McPhail.

THURSDAY’S BIRTHDAYS: Bonnie Conger, Bernadette Wellman, Pam Baker, Willa Minsker, Kim Berry, Betsy Cotton, Sue Bentley, Rita Canterbury, Dan Jenkins, Hannah Diane Whitt leaves the teens behind for No. 20, Terry Thornburg, Sally Mizerik, Connor Brown, Garret Bolt, Robin Hutton, Isabella Mayes, Elizabeth Mitchell, Matthew Withers.

THURSDAY’S ANNIVERSARY: Josh and Jodi Fromholt.

FRIDAY’S BIRTHDAYS: Teresa Foster, Linda Harris, Brenda Jameson, Carol Sumpter, Nolice White, David Specht, Kim Watson, Stacie Keaton, Jennifer Gibson, Maxine Frankel, Mic Boshell, Bill Jarrell, Allen Tufts, Corey Smith crosses the mid-20 mark to 26, Kristi Dunlap, Elmer White Jr. is a special 92, Jenny Adkins, Sally Lester, Katie Fulks, Carolyn Chiles, Stacy Collins Hash.

FRIDAY’S ANNIVERSARIES: Mike and Jean Anne McClung, Bill and Pam Cooper, Travis and Kara Smith celebrate No. 10.

CHUCKLE: Just as Denise was finishing her hike at Carl Sandburg National Historic Site in North Carolina, she heard a group of campers discussing recent bear sightings. “If you meet a bear, don’t run,” one person said. Her friend seemed surprised. “Really? Why?” “Because,” Denise said, “bears like fast food.”

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