SURVIVORS: Aug. 30: 1 Eileen Waters, 2 Janice Aldridge, 3 Karen Karr, TGIF Juanita Duncan.

HUNTINGTON DUPLICATE BRIDGE ASSOCIATION: Aug. 28: Flight A, Bennie Shields and Judy Barnes, Pat Stinson and Nancy Sullivan, Joline Osborn and Bob Hardin, Peggy Esslinger and Pat Ray. Flight B, Pat Stinson and Nancy Sullivan, Peggy Esslinger and Pat Ray, Julia LeRoy and Georgette Connelly. Sept. 2: North/South, Flight A, Judy Barnes and Bennie Shields, AJ Stovitz and Fuzzy Harrold, Gordon Gussler and Dixie Gussler. Flight B, AJ Stovitz and Fuzzy Harrold, Alicia Adams and Mary Emmons. East/West, Joline Osborn and John Cochrane, Barbara Silverstein and Pat Crews, Patsy McComas and Nancy Sullivan.

FOXY LADIES BRIDGE: Sept. 3: 1 Juanita Duncan, 2 Kitty McTyre, 3 Mary Nell Gould.

RIVERSIDE: Sept. 4: 1 Eileen Waters, 2 Gayle Cox, 3 Dru Moehling.

WYN WIN: Aug. 30: 1st place - Vicki Hall, 2nd place - Pam Brown; 3rd place - Barbara Rutledge.

To send in your bridge winners, email to or mail to The Herald-Dispatch, Attn: Bridge Winners, P.O. Box 2017, Huntington, WV 25720.


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