Steven Riley Hayton and Francesca Rosetta Craft

Gavin Gale Hammond and Savannah Leshae McCaffrey

Gary Wayne Garretson and Barbara Susann Pelfrey

Rodney Dale Bias and Jaycie Leigh Lanham

Robert Jacob Reynolds and Ashley Nicole Hoffman

James Lee Earl Jr. and Sarah Gwyn Bivins

Damien Paul Moore and Mahala Cheyenne Goosey

Colby Michael McCoy and Samantha Amber Fox

Jeffery Craig Clayton and Nina Ruth Forjone

Matthew Joseph Wiley and Rebekah Jo Watson

James Earl Slone and Collette Rachel Howard

David Ryan Miller and Marlee Gabriella Gilmore

Kalil Rashaan Franks and April Jessica Day

Noah Abraham Bates and Kimberly Dawn Crank

Brian Keith Hammock Jr. and Gina Marie Bays

Logan Kenley Bush and Leanna Elizabeth Dean

Amy Nicole Cobb and Rachel Elizabeth Shoaf

Dennis Artrip and Deborah Ann McLaughlin

Hector Manuel Valle Jr. and Stacey Ailene Read

James Michael Hager and Shirley Sue Jividen

James David Thompson and Jennifer Kayla Sturgeon

Timera Nicole Moore and Brandy Nicole Ekers

Paul Leslie Brunty II and Catherine Dawn Adkins

Michael Eugene Taylor II and Tequila Renee Sutphin

Dwight Eugene Edwards and Toni Renee Graley

Todd Nicholas Martin and Mikayla Christine Leib

Steven Christopher Hager and Tess Adrienne Bourgeois

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