Courtesy of Huntington Museum of Art Denise Roberts, Albright, West Virginia, USA, "SISU #7," 87 x 90 inches (h x w). Hand-dyed cotton, cotton batting, cotton thread. Free cut, machine pieced, machine quilted. Courtesy Color Improvisations 2.

The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON - The Huntington Museum of Art will host the exhibit "Color Improvisations 2" starting Saturday, July 13, and lasting until Oct. 13. An opening reception has been set for 5-7 p.m. July 12, during which Exhibit Coordinator Robert Shaw will speak.

"Color Improvisations 2" is a special invitational exhibition of contemporary quilts curated by Nancy Crow, an Ohio artist who is one of the most celebrated and influential quilt artists of the past 40 years. HMA will display a selection of 20 large improvisational quilts by artists from Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States that were part of a larger exhibition that opened at the Museum Tuch+Technik in Germany in March 2016.

Quiltmaking has, over the past 40 years, become a favored medium of fine artists around the world. While they honor historic traditions, these artists have revolutionized how quilts can be made and what they can look like.

All of the quilts Crow chose for this exhibition are large abstract compositions that were machine-pieced, primarily from hand-dyed fabrics, and also quilted by machine. Crow says that she has always compared pieced quiltmaking to painting. "Unlike painting, fabric colors, shapes, and lines are not brushed on or glued together, but sewn together," she said. "And to be able to cut parts, shapes, and lines by eye and then to manage color and value demands hours and hours of practice. The quilt-maker's eye must be able to coordinate infinite calibrations with the muscle control of hand, wrist, and arm. The entire operation is physical and requires strength. It takes obsessiveness, intensity, practice, practice, practice, and a great eye."

Each work was made specifically for this exhibition, including a new piece by Crow and a work by former Huntington resident Denise Roberts, who now lives in the Preston County community of Albright, West Virginia. All pieces measure between 80" x 80" and 90" x 90."

For more information on events at the Huntington Museum of Art, visit or call 304-529-2701. HMA is fully accessible.


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