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HUNTINGTON — Down Home Salads prides itself on having some of the freshest coleslaw, pasta salad, vegetable trays and macaroni salad in town. The small shop on Johnstown Road prepares side dishes for other businesses but offers plenty of carry-out options and catering, ideal for everything from picnics to private parties.

"Mostly what we are famous for is our coleslaw," Shelly Keeney, marketing operations manager of Down Home Salads, said. "We manufacture coleslaw, potato salad and macaroni salad, which we sell to stores such as FoodFair. We do prep work like dicing onions and slicing cabbage for a lot of hot dog places like G.D. Ritzy's and the Midway Drive-In."

Down Home Salad goes through about 1,100 pounds of cabbage in a regular week and about 1,600 pounds during peak season between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

"I used to manage the Wild Ramp so I got to know all the farmers," she said. "I'm in contact with them, and we use them to make our products. We also make canned goods with ingredients that we source from local farmers."

The store sells apple butter, various types of pickles (most famously their "Breathalyzer" Pickles which are seasoned with dried ramps) and jams.

Among the signature takeout items available every day are baked beans, pulled pork, hot dog sauce and macaroni salad. There are also sandwich spreads like chicken salad, tuna salads and pimento spread. Customers an also order specialty salads such as broccoli salad, three-bean salad and tropical fruit salad. Desserts include ambrosia, pina colada salad and strawberry pie. Customers should call at least two days ahead to order specialty salads and deserts. Customers with catering orders should try to call a week ahead.

Keeney works alongside her husband, Bob, who is sales and distribution manager for Down Home Salads. The shop is owned by Rhonda Blatt and was founded in 2012. Keeney had met Blatt's husband, Randy, while managing the Wild Ramp.

"Back in 2016 when I decided to move on, he contacted me and asked if I would come over here and source local products," she said.

"We go to the local farmers first. If we can't get something, we'll source from farmers in New York or wherever it is available," Keeney said. "We try to use what's available. Asparagus is available right now, so we source from a farmer in Wheelersburg, Ohio, which we use to make pickled asparagus."

Down Home Salads is located at 2003 Johnstown Road, Huntington. It is open 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For catering information or carry out orders call 304-522-6100 or fax 304-522-1100.


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