There's a new cookie shop at Heritage Station. Co-owners Molly and Anna Paxton started selling cookies out of the Wild Ramp before deciding to move into their own space. The new shop, Moonlight Cookies and Tea Co., is located next to Taps at Heritage.

"I started baking at the Wild Ramp. We started doing breads and other things for them. So I thought I would do cookies too. We had a business before then called Folk Life where I made custom furniture for people and T-shirts. Making cookies for people was easier and more fun," Molly Paxton said.

"I talked to the board at the Wild Ramp and said that if you would let me bake at night during the day I would work at the store. It was a kind of neighbor helping neighbor agreement. We sold the cookies for delivery. Our business took off to the point where we closed our old business. Within six months we were able to expand. The space became available to us at the end of August and we opened around Halloween. It was two months straight of work.

"We had to redo the floors, put a doorway in here, buy equipment, and make a kitchen. Everything here was either custom made to us, bought from auctions, or given to us. The community of Huntington really wanted us to be here. We learned this when we talked to Heritage Station. They said that there were a lot of people interested in this space, but when they talked to the people who owned these shops they liked that we were community based, used local ingredients, and had a late night presence."

Customers can get a variety of house cookies at $1.25 each. Customers can can also get at 6 pack ($7), a 12 pack ($13), or a $24 pack. Flavors include "The OG" (chocolate chip), "Salty Blond (salted caramel), and "P.B." (peanut butter).

There's also a daily variety of "Cosmic Cookies" (add 50 cents each) with flavors such as "Marco Mint" (mint with dark chocolate), "Ninja Turtle" (chocolate cookie with caramel chips), and S'mores.

"Our dough is made every day. So that's why we only have three different cookies that we make every day. Our Cosmic Cookies cost a little more because they have more ingredients and a little fancier dough. We got to trial and error a few things when we were at the Wild Ramp. We got to taste test with our friends and their customers," Molly Paxton said.

"Last winter we had a cookie called 'The Cranberries,' which has cranberries, white chocolate chips, and cinnamon. We now have it in regular rotation among our Cosmic Cookies. We are also planning on selling tins of cookies starting this weekend on Small Business Saturday. We also sell records. We have a partnership with Sullivan's Records in Charleston. This weekend we are also going to start working with Homeward Bound Books. We are also planning on starting doing delivery again soon."

There also are a variety of hot and cold teas to wash down your snack. These include Chai Spice, English Black Tea, and an herbal tea called "Granny's Garden Berry."

Iced tea is $3 for a small and $4 for a large. Hot tea is $3.50 for a small and $4.50 for a large. On cold days you can warm up with a "Campfire Hot Chocolate" ($3.50-$4.50).

Moonlight Cookies is located at 210 11th St. #8 in Huntington next to Taps at Heritage Station. It is open from 2 until 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and from 4 p.m. until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

It is currently closed on Sundays and Mondays. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted. For carry-out order or catering information call 304-362-7656. For specials, visit at


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