Ashland's Superhero Creamery has moved into a new home at the Ashland Town Center. The ice cream and toy shop first opened in 2014 on 29th Street in Ashland before a second location opened in Russell's Hobby Lobby plaza a year later. A few months later in 2015 the original location moved to a new home on 15th Street. Now the two have merged in one "super"-sized location. The new shop quietly opened on Saturday, Nov. 17, with plans to host a grand opening in early 2019.

"We decided to merge the two and the stars kind of aligned. Both Orange Leaf and The Pottery Place were moving out and those locations were too small for what we were looking for so we combined the space together into one mega-location," co-owner Nick Joyce said. "We've worked towards opening a mall location for over two years. There were so many different pieces coming together. We started working on this space for about two months. We tried to keep everything wrapped up. We decided to keep the kiln from the Pottery Place because so much of the stuff we sell can be customized. You can make your own pottery, have custom made shirts, and of course you choose your own ice cream toppings at the bar. Pretty much everything but the toys and comics can be customized."

Joyce has run the business with his family for four years now.

"We tell people that we accidentally opened on the 17th. We were taking paper off of the windows and people were looking in. They really wanted to come in so we decided to pop the doors early. It's kind of ironic. We opened the original location in South Charleston on Black Friday weekend and here we are now several years later opening right before the busiest time of the year. I guess we didn't learn our lesson," Joyce said. "We are calling this the preview time. We want to do a big grand opening after the turn of the year. We were known for our big block parties and we couldn't do that this year because of the move."

The new location offers a variety of ice cream and soft-serve frozen yogurt flavors. Like the old locations, the flavors all have comic book and pop-culture names like Dr. Whoberry, Cherry Allen, Java The Hutt and Orange Sorbet Atomic Ray. For the holiday season they've even added some special flavors such as Uncanny X-Mint (peppermint), and Eggcelsior (eggnog) a tribute to the late Stan Lee. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are available in sidekick ($2.99), hero ($4.49), and superhero ($5.99) sizes. There are also milkshakes for $5.99 and Affogato ($3.49) - a cup of house blend coffee with a scoop of hand-dipped ice cream or frozen yogurt.

"Some of the frozen yogurt varieties are mixed here. We go through several different suppliers. We are very pleased to announce that we are going to offer several different no-sugar-added options for people with diet concerns. We also have some dairy-free options including sorbets and some ice creams that are made with almond milk. We wanted to have something for everyone including people with diabetic issues, lactose intolerance and allergies," Joyce said. "We are also planning on expanding outside with fire pits. We are even going to have s'more packages so you can make s'mores out in the fire pits. We're planning on adding the outdoor seating in the spring. I've had some customers asking about sitting out there already so we might roll that out in the winter, as crazy as that sounds to me."

In addition to the desserts, Superhero Creamery offers custom T-shirt printing as well as a wide variety of comics, toys and collectibles. Regular comic readers can have a pull list with their favorite books arriving each month. There are specials throughout the month of December.

Superhero Creamery is located in the Ashland Town Center in space 406A at 500 Winchester Ave. It is open during mall hours, typically 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Sundays. For holiday mall hours visit Cash and all major credit cards are accepted. For carry-out orders or more information, call 606-324-5652. For sales and specials, visit

NAME: Superhero Creamery

TYPE OF FOOD: Ice cream, frozen yogurt, coffee

ADDRESS: 500 Winchester Ave., Ashland Town Center Space 406 A Ashland, Kentucky

HOURS: 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Sunday.

PHONE: 606-324-5652

PAYMENTS: Cash and all major credit cards (No checks)


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