HUNTINGTON - In 1969, Howard Hazelett opened a drive-in restaurant with his sons Howard "Buck" Hazelett Jr. and Bill Hazelett.

Because there were three members of the Hazelett family at the beginning, the restaurant was named Triple H. On July 6, the restaurant celebrated its 50th anniversary with specials.

Today, the restaurant is owned by Bill Hazelett and managed by his daughter Justina Adkins.

After all of these years, the restaurant is still family owned and is one of the few in the area that still offers curbside service.

"I worked for the Midway Drive-In from 1955 until 1959. Its owner Smitty Hart went to church with Rupert McGuiness and Bill Warner. They built the Frostop Drive-In and eventually brought in Hart as a partner. I managed Frostop for 11 years. It was there that I learned how to make hotdog sauce," Bill Hazelett said.

"We chose this location because there weren't too many restaurants around this road. For our first 25 years, the only other places on this road were beer joints. When we first built this place, it was very small. We expanded to both the right and left since then. We've added to the menu over the years. We started with hotdogs, hamburgers and barbecues. Now we have dinners including spaghetti and baked steaks."

Customers can enjoy a hotdog ($2.10) or slaw dog ($2.20) topped with a homemade chili sauce and onions. Other options include a corndog ($2.10), hamburger ($2.45) and a cheeseburger ($2.70).

There is also a variety of platter meals featuring an entree, slaw and a choice of crinkle cut fries or onion rings. Dinner options include a chicken fillet diner ($8.50), spaghetti ($5) and a shrimp basket ($9.90.) Dessert options include ice cream cones ($1.40), milkshakes ($2.35 to $2.85) and homemade coconut cream pie ($2.35).

You can also stop in for breakfast with homemade biscuits and gravy starting at $2.80.

"We just added a Black Angus burger, and we started with chili cheese fries. We started some new milkshakes as well. We now have peanut butter, black raspberry and banana," Adkins said. "We've been doing a lot of remodeling inside starting in February. We just started offering debit card support this year."

Hazelett's Triple H Drive-Inn is located at 4450 5th Street Road in Huntington. It is open from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday and noon-10 p.m. Sunday.

Cash and all major credit and debit cards are accepted. For carryout orders, call 304-696-9863. You can follow them on Facebook at


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