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HUNTINGTON — A new food trailer has rolled into town.

Wild & Wonderful BBQ can often be found on the corner of 5th Avenue and 8th Street in Huntington on weekdays and will be making appearances at fairs and festivals as things heat up. It will offer Kansas City-style barbecue pulled pork, brisket, smoked sausage and more.

The new business is owned and operated by Grant Shoffner.

“I grew up in Hurricane. I got a job in the oil industry and I got a job in Oklahoma, where I lived for the last 15 years,” Shoffner explained. “Everyone out there is heavily into barbecue, and we got started getting involved in barbecue competitions. We went all over the country doing competitions, and eventually our hobby turned into a little business.

“I drew up the plans for this trailer and submitted plans to a couple of manufacturers, then chose one,” he added.

“There’s a lot of details in the trailer that don’t show, like the double insulation. It took us about 12 weeks to build. I picked it up in December 2018. A friend of mine in Denver, Colorado, built the smoker for me. We ran the trailer for about two years under another name.”

Shoffner retired from the oil business last year and decided to move back to the area.

“I returned in October, and it took about a month before we were ready to open. We had our first week in business just before Thanksgiving,” he said.

Shoffner described his barbecue as “Kansas City style.”

“It has a tomato-based sauce, but it’s traditionally not as sweet as, say, a Memphis style,” Shoffner said. “I made a few adjustments here. I noticed people don’t like it as sweet as what I was doing, but I can adjust to anything.”

Shoffner said the business outsources its meat and has suppliers across the country.

“I want to start with the best there is, not some commodity-grade meat. I will spend a couple hours trimming the meat and getting the fat off,” he said. “I don’t cook at the house then go to a spot. My deal is on-site cooking. If you want lunch served, I will show up at about 2 or 3 a.m. and I will start cooking.”

Wild & Wonderful BBQ features an assortment of sandwiches including Smoked Brisket ($9.50), Pulled Pork ($9) and Pork Loin ($9). There’s also homemade Smoked Sausage ($7 per link) and Smoked Bologna ($6). Sides include Mac & Cheese ($3), Baked Beans ($3) and Scalloped Potatoes ($3). There are also desserts like Banana Nut Bread ($4).

“This isn’t grocery store-quality brisket. It comes in from either Kansas City or Pensacola, Florida,” Shoffner said. “We have a local provider for the bologna. I’ve searched all over the country, but I think Logan’s is the best there is.

“We haven’t done ribs that much. For some reason since the pandemic hit, good quality ribs have been hard to find. I don’t know what happened. They’re still slaughtering hogs and we can still get ham, butts, etc. I guess the big chains are buying them out.”

Wild & Wonderful BBQ is a mobile business, but it can usually be found on weekdays on the corner of 5th Avenue and 8th Street from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Days of availability may be limited due to winter weather. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

To find out where they’ll pop up next, follow them on Facebook at For catering options and more information, call 304-533-5435.

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