The Hatfield-McCoy feud ran off and on for nearly 30 years. Here, against the backdrop of other events in American history, is a chronology of the feud’s main events, according to


Devil Anse Hatfield forms guerrilla band. Raids and thefts follow between McCoy’s and Hatfields.


First death in feud —  Asa Harmon McCoy. No prosecution.

Civil War ends in May.


Randolph McCoy accuses Floyd Hatfield of stealing his pig. Bill Staton’s testimony in court later wins for Floyd Hatfield.


Bill Staton murdered by Paris and Sam McCoy in June. Sam McCoy tried in September for Staton death; acquitted. Roseanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield meet. She leaves to live with him at Hatfield cabin.


Roseanna returns home, then moves to aunt’s cabin where Johnse is captured by McCoy boys. Roseanna’s ride to Devil Anse’s saves Johnse’s life. Pregnant Roseanna returns to Ole Ran’l’s home, catches measles, miscarries baby, then moves to Pikeville, Ky. Johnse marries Nancy McCoy on May 14.


Ellison Hatfield fatally wounded by Bud, Tolbert and Pharmer McCoy on Aug. 9. After Hatfield dies, the trio is tied to bushes and executed.

Jeff McCoy killed on banks of the Tug.


Kentucky governor appoints Frank Phillips to capture McCoy boys’ murderers.


New Year’s Day raid on Ole Ran’l McCoy’s cabin leaves Alifair and Calvin dead, home burned to ground. Roseanna McCoy, less than 30 years old, dies in Pikeville.


Trial of Hatfield clan in McCoy murders begins.

Ellison Mounts executed for Alifair McCoy’s murder. (Feb 18).


Feud ends.

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