Heck Yeah Fest has made the move to October. The event is built along the same lines as the Huntington Music and Arts Festival, yet the Heck Yeah Fest is geared toward the alternative side of the Tri-State music and arts scene.

Bringing together the best artists and musicians in the underground, Heck Yeah Fest focuses on music ranging from hip-hop to heavy metal to punk and more. Happening this Saturday, and also billed as the “Outsider Music and Arts Festival,” the event will take place at the V Club from 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5, until after 2 a.m.

The bands lined up for the fourth annual Heck Yeah Fest include Rattail, Routine Days, Ratship, Spowder, Marc From Mars, Scroungehound, Chocolate 4Wheeler, Assault and GLOOP.

As the music is ripping inside the V Club, those bands will be surrounded by artists and publications including Arwen Romanov, 7 Moons Jewelry, Camille Mullins, Buttload of Keepsakes, Obsolete Images, Don’t Go In The Basement, BROBOT, Wicked Moth Art and Gravely Unusual Magazine.

A big part of moving Heck Yeah Fest to October is to take advantage of the atmosphere of dressing up, of exploring alter egos and creating Halloween costumes that come with the season. As a result, if you dress up, wear a costume or wear an official festival T-shirt to Heck Yeah Fest, the normal cover charge of $16 will be reduced to $13.

The V Club is located at 741 6th Ave. Heck Yeah Fest is an 18-and-over event. More information can be found at www.facebook.com/HeckYeahFest/.

The founder and operator of Heck Yeah Fest is artist Zac White.

“Heck Yeah Fest is a platform for artists and musicians to stand alone and present in a different way,” White said. “It is a whole different demographic than the Huntington Music and Arts Festival, where you might see Americana music and traditional rock and roll. Here, at this event, you will see everything from hip-hop and heavy metal to punk rock and some wild performance art. For instance, one of our art vendors, Romey and BJ Williamson of Vision Valve Studios, are really branching out artistically. They have been working with illustration and acrylic painting for a long time, but recently they have dug into using polymer sculpting clay and doing some super cool 3D art. They will be doing a live body art painting session at the festival.”

The move of Heck Yeah Fest to October was about more than taking advantage of the cooler weather.

“I moved the event to establish it a little bit more,” said White. “The whole demographic of Heck Yeah Fest falls in line with Halloween. It is kind of a heavy metal, skulls and art party. I believe the whole thing will work better under the season of Halloween. This will be the first year that we are doing the costume contest, which is why you will get the $3 discount at the door if you dress up. We will also bring in photographers including Vince Alonzo who will be running an onsite high-tech photo booth. He has a great printer that runs off of his camera, and he can send the images directly to his laptop and print high-quality 5x7 photographs in real time. They are amazing. This way, we can shoot some great promotional photos of the best costumes to use at a later date to promote the festival.”

The goal is to gather in one place those who are different artistically, personally and musically to congregate, compare notes, check out other people’s creativity and to have fun. It is also an event for others who simply have a nonconformist streak in them, a desire to explore their own artistic abilities or want to experience some fun cultural diversity.

“Compared to modern art or contemporary art or landscape art, an outsider artist is someone who did not acquire their skill set by traditional means,” said White. “They are artists who probably didn’t go to college or art school or apprenticed with anyone. They are, more or less, self-taught artists. Their art can be frowned upon by the snootier aspects of the greater art crowd. But they have little desire to be a mainstream artist anyway.”

White encourages everyone with an open mind to stop in and see what the event is all about.

“As I said before, an outsider artist is pretty much what the term suggests,” said White. “I am one as well. I feel like being creative is something that you have to continue to do as it is cathartic in a way for most people. And while everybody has a hobby of some kind, if you can make your hobby profitable and take everybody along with your art and have a good time, that is always cool. I would encourage anyone and everyone to come here to the Heck Yeah Festival this Saturday because it is such an eclectic show, with both music and art.”

If you are interested in being a last-minute vendor at Heck Yeah Fest, contact Zac White at zawhite138@gmail.com.

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