HUNTINGTON — In the shadows of West Virginia Day, the V Club, 741 6th Ave., Huntington, pulls in a trio of Mountain State pop avengers on Friday, June 21, that includes Beckley-based The Parachute Brigade, the Morgantown-birthed indie pop rock unit, Hello June and H-Town's own regionally traveling, original-recipe R&B pop unit The Dividends.

The doors open at 8 p.m. and the show is at 10 p.m. Cover is $7.

The Dividends have already chalked up some sweet summertime gigs playing Pullman Square Summer Concert Series and Mountain Music Festival.

The band is super-stoked to share the stage again with Parachute Brigade and Hello June, two of the Mountain State's finest musical acts both of whom have been cherry-picked to play "Mountain Stage" in the past year.

"We have gotten to play with both bands on small tours and so this kind of brings some of West Virginia's finest quality acts all together one day," said Alan Brown, guitarist and one of singers for The Dividends.

"It has always been cool to travel with them and go back to their hometowns so to bring them to Huntington and make it an all West Virginia party is going to be a lot of fun. We kind of all are doing a little bit of the same thing with the guy and girl singer thing but it's all different enough to make it really interesting."

Brown said that The Dividends, which has been around since 2016, has a lot of love and respect for the two bands who are rolling together all weekend long. On Saturday night, The Parachute Brigade does a home show at Melody's in Beckley with Hello June and on Sunday, Hello June is back near their home turf with a show with The Parachute Brigade and Annie Neeley at 123 Pleasant Street.

"We definitely take notes from Hello June and Parachute Brigade," Brown said.

"They are really doing this thing and I think we are all on different levels at this, but all are on the same team. We help each other out and that is the cool part. I love playing these shows with people because we are friends. We go off of that energy together, and it is a cool bond. I feel like in Huntington and in West Virginia, we are spoiled because we have all of these bands who are doing cool stuff and wanting to share. It is a great circle and community."

Around since 2016, The Dividends were formed up by when Huntington High School classmates Hannah Spurlock and Heath Holley met guitarist Alan Brown.

The group has since played a host of events such as the West Virginia Hot Dog Festival and travels regionally playing music. The band has added Chris Barker on bass, and well-known drummers James Hairston and Jared Holley have been taking turns behind the kit.

While the band is often seen on area stages -they play both the first WV Taco Festival as part of FestivALL Charleston next Saturday, June 29, and the Huntington Pride Festival - they are hard at work trying to get a full-length album recorded of their original songs.

To do so, they have teamed up with Max Nolte, of the nationally touring Huntington band Ona, to record in the band's famed downtown Loft studio.

Brown, who is a WSAZ producer by day, said the band has been playing a bunch of shows to save up the money to record a followup to their popular seven-song EP that came out in 2017.

"The recording process has been super fun with him and we're eager to get it done since it has been since 2017 since we put out a recording," Brown said.

Brown said it feels like the timing is just right to record a number of their originals that they have been playing out at shows and have gotten really comfortable playing.

"We got a song 'Comeback Kid' that I get chills when we play it because I really mean it. Even though we have played it a lot, I still feel myself in the lyrics and I can't wait to have it out in the open for people to hear. The album is growing up just like we are. I'm excited for people to hear how far we have come as a band. We were a band that used to just get together for open mic night to do covers."

Brown said he feels like this album will really build upon what they've done so far.

"The first one was seven songs and now we're looking at 10 to 12," Brown said. "We have learned so much from bands like Parachute Brigade and Hello June as to how to release things and make it hit harder. I will say this next time will be a doozy. We are not hitting for singles we're swinging for the fences. We may argue about stuff, but we all see this is what we want to do right now and it is coming out. Whatever we are feeling is coming out and it is very therapeutic. We are not afraid to say anything."

So far the band has already recorded with Nolte a handful of tunes including "White Sheets," a slow ballad, "Frivilous," which Brown said is a doo-wop style song that may be a single, "Show Me How," an in-your-face rocker and "Leave it Behind," which he describes as a classic break-up song with serious lyrics folded into some happy tones.

Brown said they are stoked to knock out the rest of the album when Nolte gets back in the city following Ona's cross-country run they've been on promoting their new album, "Full Moon, Heavy Light."

"I feel like our band is clicking on all cylinders and everything feels great," Brown said. "We've been recording with the Ona guys and we are getting the songs recorded and there's a lot of good forward momentum. Hopefully we can keep carrying that. When you stack that into these kinds of shows you can keep it going. This one Friday is one that weeks before we've all been getting pumped for."

Friday's Night Musical Lights: WHAT: A triple bill of Beckley-based The Parachute Brigade, the Morgantown-birthed indie pop rock unit, Hello June (both of whom have played Mountain Stage) and Huntington's own R&B pop unit, The Dividends WHERE: The V Club, 741 6th Ave., Huntington

WHEN: Doors at 8 p.m. and show at 10 p.m. Friday, June 21

HOW MUCH: $7 at the door

HEAR THE BANDS:The Dividends at, Hello June at and The Parachute Brigade at DECK @ THE V: On Saturday night, trip the psychedelic light fantastic with Jimbo Valentine's Soul of the Phoenix project coupled with DJ Charlie Brown Superstar as they present The Far Flung Gospel - Chapter 1 - a sonic blast off on a genre hopping trip of all things psychedelic.Doors are at 8 p.m. and the show is at 10 p.m. for anyone 18 and up. Cover is $7.

REST OF V CLUB JUNE/JULY: June 28, Down In Round Three / The Jasons / Jay Parade; June 29, The Red Clay Strays / Jon Bassin / Abe Partridge / Nic Allen; July 5, Bobaflex; July 6, The Settlement / Acid Cats; July 7, John R Miller / Chelsea Nolan / Charlie Woods & The Deep Hollow / Tony Harrah; July 13:Flat Tracker / J. Marinelli / Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates; July 20, Ona, El Dorado & Sam Filiatreau

UP NEXT FOR THE DIVIDENDS: The Dividends are playing The first Taco Fest WV as part of FestivALL Charleston's Capitol Street Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday, June 29.

They are also playing the first Huntington Pride Fest on June 29 in the Keith Albee block of 4th Ave., Huntington. Performances and emceeing by Miss Huntington Pride 2018, Jade LaFontayne and an all-star lineup of local performers. There will also be food and drink vendors.


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