HUNTINGTON — Although History’s record-breaking miniseries, “Hatfields and McCoys,” has just finished its fiery three-day run, the excitement is just now building in downtown Huntington as locally-based Trifecta Productions gears up for the 4 p.m. Saturday, History Channel premiere of the companion documentary they shot called  "America's Greatest Feud: Hatfields and McCoys.”

The documentary film will kick off a full night of coverage as History rolls the entire six-hour miniseries that evening starting at 6 p.m. It is directed by Mark Cowen, known for the documentary "Band of Brothers: We Stand Alone Together" and such work as "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3-D," with Tom Hanks.

With the Huntington-based Trifecta Productions shooting interviews and reenactment scenes, the documentary utilizes such Kentucky and West Virginia historians as former Governor Paul Patton, Nancy Cade and Reed Potter from Kentucky and Fred Armstrong, Raamie Barker, Bill Richardson and Keith Davis from West Virginia to tell the story as clips of reenactors play out scenes that stoked America’s most famous family feud.

Milton native and Marshall grad, Darrell Fetty, who produced for ThinkFactory Media, both the documentary and miniseries, said last week at the Keith-Albee he was elated at the level of work in both films.

Joe Murphy, who runs Trifecta with Jack Reynolds, said they’re stoked for the world to see the two-hour documentary that goes further and deeper into America’s most famous family feud.

"We couldn't have asked for a better lead in for the Documentary,” Murphy said this week. “America has definitely started to take a look at their Appalachian Heritage. What I am most excited about is the fact that we were commissioned to make the Historical Documentary. While the miniseries is Epic and amazing in scope the Documentary is something that we can definitely be proud of for many reasons. To begin with it was an honor to be included. Darrell Fetty and HISTORY could have made this Doc. anywhere. It is Darrell's attention to the integrity of this story that brought him back to WV. During the making of this Documentary the Crew and Mark Cowen uncovered many facets of the Feud that even the most versed historians were excited to put together. There is definitely something extra that the true history buff will find in the Documentary that they won't find anywhere else. It was amazing how the entire city (and the State in fact) rallied along with us to make this happen. It is important to reinforce with the United States production community that West Virginians have more than strong backs. We have a creative spirit and ingenuity that can stretch their production dollar nearly as far as they can imagine. And we are talking about some LARGE imaginations. We believe that once America is fully immersed in the stories of our area that it will be a not so uncommon occurrence to see Huntington, WV, or as we lovingly refer to it, Hollerwood®, on screens big and small.”

Read an interview with Mark Cowen, and more about the documentary shot in part at Heritage Farm Museum and Village in Saturday’s Herald-Dispatch Life section.


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