Courtesy Sony Pictures Michael Ealy, from left, Meagan Good and Dennis Quaid in a scene from "The Intruder."

Movies & More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on "The Intruder," which is rated PG-13 and available on DVD, and the TV show "The Invaders," which airs on MeTV.

Dennis Quaid delivers a creepy performance as a homeowner who seems obsessed with the home that he sells to a couple in "The Intruder."

Michael Ealy and Meagan Good star as Scott and Annie who leave the city for their new home. Annie feels that she has found the ideal location and feels sorry for Charlie Peck (Quaid), who is selling a home that has been in his family for generations. Scott doesn't seem to trust Charlie as much as Annie does.

Charlie tells the couple he is moving to Florida to live with his daughter, but then shows up later to mow the lawn. Saying that his trip to the Sunshine State has been delayed, Annie invites Charlie to Thanksgiving dinner. Scott's friend Mike (Joseph Sikora) also distrusts Charlie, who continues to show up time after time.

I found "The Intruder" to be an OK film as it did a fine job of building tension. However, this genre of film isn't new to me, which makes it difficult for the movie to surprise me.

Recently, I have been watching a TV series with a similar name to "The Intruder." It is a science-fiction series from the 1960s produced by Quinn Martin titled "The Invaders," which airs during as part of the late Saturday/early Sunday schedule on MeTV.

"The Invaders" stars Roy Thinnes as David Vincent, and the opening credits like to point out that David is an architect.

Anyway, I have enjoyed watching this show as David goes around the country trying to thwart the plans of outer space villains who have the ability to take on human forms. The bad guys from outer space want to take over Earth for their new home.

While I wonder how David avoids being destroyed by the invaders each week, I find it interesting to ponder what the public might have thought about this program more than five decades ago.

In addition to "The Invaders," MeTV has reintroduced me to "The Time Tunnel," which is a TV show that I remember vaguely from my childhood.

I must have seen it in reruns and almost all I could remember was the opening sequence where the two stars are shown being transported through time as kaleidoscope-like colors command the screen. I am enjoying watching this TV show each week that seemed to go right over my head as a child.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum of Art.


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