Movies and More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on “The Lingering,” a horror film available on DVD that is not rated. “The Lingering” is a Cantonese-language film that offers English subtitles.

“The Lingering” is a horror film that begins with some very creepy scenes.

Qingyi (Athena Chu Yan) and Dawa, her young son, are awaiting the return of Qingyi’s husband in order to celebrate the New Year.

The mother and son have a very sweet and loving relationship. Eventually, it becomes clear that Qingyi’s husband is not returning, and strange things begin to happen around their house. Dawa tells his mother that he has been visited by an “uncle.”

When Qingyi travels to her husband’s job site, she is informed that her husband and several others died in an accident and that a mistake by her husband is blamed for causing the tragedy. Young Dawa and Qingyi discover that one of the other victims is the “uncle” who has been visiting their home.

The movie then cuts away to 30 years in the future. Dawa has moved away and goes by the name Xinzhong (Louis Cheung Kai Chung). He does not visit his mother and works as a restauranteur. He has ambitions to create a chain of restaurants and is on the verge of completing a deal with a major investor. Then, he receives news from home that his mother is missing. Later, a deceased woman is discovered, and he is asked to come home to identify the body.

Xinzhong and his wealthy girlfriend visit the morgue, and Xinzhong identifies the body as that of his mother mostly from the jewelry the woman is wearing.

A real estate agent, who brings some humor to the film, is eager to purchase Qingyi’s home from Xinzhong. However, strange things continue to happen around the family home.

Eventually, the film finds a happy ending that is so heartwarming I was skeptical I had seen the real conclusion. So, I forwarded through the credits looking for a scene to tell me that the ending wasn’t real. Then, I went back and watched most of the movie a second time and found that clues were there to make the happy ending more believable.

So, “The Lingering” offers some scares, a little bit of humor and a lesson on the power of a mother’s love and not taking it for granted.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum of Art.

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