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Movies & More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on Disney’s “Cruella,” which is rated PG-13 and available on DVD.

How do you tell the backstory of a villain who is known for wanting to turn adorable puppies into a coat and make the character sympathetic?

With live action and two great actresses, Disney’s “Cruella” attempts to explain the villain’s tough childhood and maybe soften some of the previous details concerning this iconic character.

Disney’s “Cruella” has plenty of entertaining moments that include outrageous fashions, an attempted jewel heist and a very sad beginning with the title character as a child. The movie is more than two hours long, and I did find myself losing interest a time or two.

Meanwhile, the acting by Emma Stone as the title character and Emma Thompson as fashion designer The Baroness might be the best reason to watch the film. Another fun reason to watch is a little dog with an eye patch named Wink, who steals plenty of scenes as an assistant to Cruella’s two henchmen.

Stone gets at least one serious scene in Disney’s “Cruella,” which can offer cinematic fun for some adults. So, how do parents address the title character with their teens who might want to watch?

Maybe parents could start with explaining that it seems too easy for Cruella to believe she was born to be a bad person as she gives in to her Cruella persona over her Estella persona. Also, the character doesn’t try very hard to resist seeking revenge or breaking numerous laws to reach her goals.

The film does explore the dangers of taking your loved ones for granted and treating them badly.

Viewers might want to continue watching after the beginning of the credits to see a short scene that could be seen as setting the stage for another film.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum of Art.

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