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This image released by Paramount Pictures shows Sterling K. Brown, left, and Blake Lively in a scene from "The Rhythm Section." (Jose Haro/Paramount Pictures via AP)

Movies and More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on “The Rhythm Section,” which is rated R and playing in theaters.

Blake Lively, whose interesting movie career I have been following closely, stars in a new film titled “The Rhythm Section.”

Lively plays Stephanie, a young woman whose parents, brother and sister are killed in a terrorist attack on an airplane. Complicating her grief is Stephanie’s feeling of guilt because she was supposed to be on the plane as well.

“The Rhythm Section” is a movie about revenge. Stephanie is approached by a freelance journalist with a contact who is a former spy (Jude Law). Stephanie seeks out Law’s character, and he puts her through rigorous fitness and combat training until he decides she is ready to set out on her path of revenge.

Law’s character warns Stephanie that even if she is successful, assassinating those responsible for her killing her family members won’t bring her peace or joy.

“The Rhythm Section” features a harrowing car chase, as Stephanie goes after various targets and uses the combat skills that she has learned. Sterling K. Brown plays a character who has important information needed by Stephanie to find those she is targeting.

“The Rhythm Section,” which I found to be more of a gritty film instead of a glossy thriller movie, is a somber undertaking that presents a difficult journey for its main character. Others will have to decide if this is a cinematic experience they want to undertake.

This was a difficult movie for me to appreciate fully since Law’s character is right in that Stephanie cannot bring her family members back. All her hard work and any revenge that she achieves can’t bring happiness to Stephanie, resulting in the film’s somber tone.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum

of Art.

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