This undated image provided by Disney/Pixar shows a scene from the movie "Toy Story 4." (Disney/Pixar via AP)

Movies & More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on "Toy Story 4," which is rated G and playing in theaters.

From Disney and Pixar Animation Studios comes "Toy Story 4" - a charming and visually appealing animated film full of emotion and adventure.

Woody, the loyal cowboy toy voiced by Tom Hanks, is the main focus of the film. Woody is still trying to be a leader of his group of toys, which includes Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). The toys now belong to Bonnie, a young girl beginning kindergarten.

Woody is not among Bonnie's favorite group of toys, but he sneaks off to the girl's first day of kindergarten. In secret, Woody helps make the day memorable as Bonnie creates a work of art on her first day.

That work of art becomes "Forky" (voiced by Tony Hale), whom Woody has to teach how to be a toy. Forky provides plenty of humor during the film.

"Toy Story 4" has lots of lessons on which families can focus. It looks at the importance of friendship and loyalty. It also teaches compassion.

For example, when another toy wants something from Woody in hopes it will help her become the favorite toy of a young girl, Woody feels sorry for the toy when things don't work out as expected.

Also, the toys loving their children so much and missing them when they grow up and leave is also something that older parents can relate to as well.

At the center of the film is a love story for Woody and Bo Peep (Annie Potts) and a tough decision that Woody must face at the end of the film.

Along the way, there is plenty of action, adventure and humor and some very nice animation, especially in some scenes that take place at the carnival.

"Toy Story 4" made me laugh and smile and feel real emotion for the animated characters.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum of Art.


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