ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR: Congratulations to Patty Dickey, who received the Rotarian of the Year award at a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Barboursville. Officers and directors were also elected for 2019-20: Jeff Madden, president; Robin Brandon, president-elect; Sara Ramezani, president-designate; Bret Hensley, past president; Will Crabtree, secretary; Jack Mease, treasurer; Blaine Crabtree, Jon Jones, John Lee and Charlie Woolcock, directors; and Charles Heiner, sergeant-at-arms. One of the organization's many projects is giving scholarships to Cabell Midland High School graduating seniors. Katie Blankenship, Anya Miller and Zach Swanson were the 2019 recipients.

DOUBLE CELEBRATION: Kenny and Sandy Pierson, of Barboursville, observe two big celebrations this month. Their 50th wedding anniversary is Aug. 29, and their son, Andrew, and his fiancee, Angela Herbert, were married Aug. 2 at the Ritter Park Rose Garden in Huntington. The couple honeymooned in the Bahamas.

PASTORS APPOINTED: United Methodist Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball made the following pastoral appointments locally, effective July 1: the Rev. Shannon Blosser, Beverly Hills United Methodist Church; the Rev. Dustin McCune, Crossroads UMC; and the Rev. Scott Sears, First UMC Huntington.

VENDORS SOUGHT: The Barboursville 2019 Fall Fest arts and crafts committee is accepting applications for arts and crafts space at the event Sept. 20-21. If you are interested in participating as a vendor, call 304-736-9820 or go to The festival is open from 5 to 11 p.m. Sept. 20 and from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sept. 21.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Several 2019 Cabell Midland High School graduates received scholarships from several universities they are planning to attend this fall: U.S. Air Force Academy, Sophia Parlock; University of Kentucky, Harper True and Kelly Whitmore; Bellarmine, Lauren Varnum; Kent State, Nicholas Stackpole; Shepherd University, Kathryn Doyle; Oberlin College and Conservatory, David Gudjonsson; Fairmont State, Charles Curry, Nicholas Sturm and Samantha Rose; Glenville State, Nicholas Sturm and Kasee Jo Smith; University of Charleston, Kaitlyn Blankenship, Luke Ellis and Alexa Adkins; Davis and Elkins, Anya Miller; West Virginia Wesleyan, Joseph Levi Kessler; Berea College, Allyssa Ferrell and Dain Lewington; Ohio University, Ethan Hess; and University of Tampa, Taylor Davis.

BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday this week to Lee Hall, Nancy Salter, Garry Ritchie, Corey Sargent, Mason Blaine Adkins, Jack Perkins, Rosemary Chapman, Lorri Jones, Laura Smith, Alexis Wiley, Leonard Bragg, Mona Epperly, Brandt Adkins, Kyle Goodson, Nathan Hamilton, Melody McSweeney, Cyndi Saxton, Ronnie Bowen, Laura Witten, Tim McKenna, Chris Powell, Chris Gibson, Sarah Bodmer, Andrea Adkins, Jenna Bayes, Kristie McKenzie, Brenda Staats, Norman Fulks, Chloe Waggoner, C.A. Adams, Dave Gillum, April Parsons, Gary Adkins, Dave Spears, Dudley Vititoe, Shayanna Clark and Elizabeth Simmons.

SPECIAL DAYS: Special birthday wishes to Connor Mathew Pratt, who became a teenager Wednesday; to Harleigh Knight, who blew out seven candles Thursday; and to Olivia Saunders, whose seventh birthday is Sunday.

ANNIVERSARIES: Couples celebrating wedding anniversaries this week are Ralph and Barbara Turner, Gary and Shelia Roy, Tim and GiGi Gerlach, Bob and Becky Chenoweth, Ron and Rosie Wooddell, Jim and Sherry Hamilton, Kevin and Melissa Hamilton, Jarrod and Mara Call, Chris and Krystal Gibson, Mike and Barb Tackett, Gary and Barbara Walters who celebrated their 60th anniversary Aug. 22, and Milford and Kay Frazier who celebrate their 60th anniversary Saturday, Aug. 24.

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