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HUNTINGTON -- Justin McElroy got one of the coolest compliments ever from a fan of his podcast, "My Brother, My Brother and Me," -- the guy actually now looks forward to Mondays.

As sick as falling in love with the first day of the workweek sounds, the McElroy brothers, Justin, Travis and Griffin, have indeed made Mondays almost huggable with their weekly Monday posting of their popular advice and humor-filled Internet podcast, "My Brother, My Brother and Me," that celebrates its 30th podcast today.

Garnering some 12,000 to 15,000 weekly listeners from around the world, the three theater-raised brothers, and sons of well-known local radio host Clint McElroy (of WTCR), are tag-teaming up on the toughest of relationship questions offering an about 45-minute-long stream of snappy satire-dripping comments that would make everyone but Betty White blush.

Launched in April, MBMBAM has landed consistently in the Top 10 and 20 comedy podcasts on iTunes, has already secured world superstar David Hasselhoff's "Hofficial Seal of Approval," and has seen its T-shirts shown on the Comedy Central show, "Tosh.0."

Not afraid to tackle any subject from people being "too old for skinny jeans" and "coming out" to "PDA" and "Bret Michaels' face," the brothers rapid-fire riff off each other like they've done since they've been old enough to talk and poke fun at themselves and the world.

"A lot of people start podcasts, and technically you can do a great show for maybe $100 but the hurdle that most of them run into is that chemistry thing," Justin McElroy said. "Where to fill in the gaps. It is built-in with us and the biggest reason for our success."

Talking by Skype, and recorded and edited now by Griffin McElroy, the show is built first by Travis McElroy, who sifts through what is now literally hundreds of questions that come in from their website, from YahooQuestions, from e-mail, from Twitter and from FormSpring, a Q&A site.

"We got them coming in from all angles and it's tough to pick," Justin McElroy said. "We do walk a line between silly and practical advice so we add the disclaimer that you should never do the things we tell them to do."

That said, the three bros, who once riffed on a dude in love with a goose for about 8 minutes, have admittedly inadvertently helped some folks through a rough patch with the medicine of laughter.

"Putting it under comedy you can say a lot of the things that people really need to hear," Justin McElroy said. "We had a guy who said he was in a bad place in his life and he was listening to the show and we told him to get back out there and stay motivated on what he was doing, and he did and he ended up getting a MBMBAM tattoo."

The reviews editor for AOL's video game website, Joystiq, Justin McElroy said the podcast came about after Travis McElroy moved to Cincinnati, and Griffin McElroy, the youngest brother, moved to Cincy and then onto Chicago.

Justin McElroy, who has been doing a podcast for Joystiq for a couple years, knew technically how to make a solid podcast and to market it, and with his brothers far and away, he felt it was time to get the computers humming and hook up some weekly scheduled family time.

"We weren't talking much and I figured we could do the same thing I do with the other podcast, and that we would be forced to talk to each other," he said.

They settled on advice "for the modern era," because they don't have that many areas of interest that overlap.

"Advice is sort of general and everyone loves to talk out their (expletive) about things we don't know anything about," Justin McElroy said. "And that's how it got started."

He said right off the bat they had 2,000 listeners a week, mostly fans of his Jostiq podcast, but then that crowd grew, with about 70 percent of the listeners from the U.S., but some nice-sized fan pockets in the U.K., Korea and Norway.

The odd brushes with major exposure have been fun as well.

Griffin McElroy had tweeted about wanting to be the official podcast for David Hasselhoff, who returned the love sending his "Hofficial Seal of Approval" to the show, and on "Tosh.0," the hottest show on Comedy Central, some guy trying to eat a 100-percent cacao bar on the wacky video show, "had the foresight to put on his MBMBAM T-shirt before chowing down," according to Justin McElroy.

"We really owe it to the people who listen to the show," he said. "They evangelized and that's how it has grown."

Now armed with an iPhone app, a new website (complete with an advice-spilling Magic 8-Ball) and plenty of new merchandise, MBMBAM only looks to take its show on up.

Although they don't make money from the show, and just a bit from merch sales, Justin McElroy said it's already made him feel closer to his brothers and better for making folks laugh at the nonsense.

"I don't think there's a better feeling than knowing that we made somebody's day a little better, especially a Monday," he said.

A bit of brotherly advice

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy star in the weekly adult comedy podcast, "My Brother, My Brother and Me," that is released each Monday. Go online at www.mbmbam.com to listen to the podcast, to get instant advice from the site's magic 8-Ball and to find out more about the advice show.


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