Bridge winners:

HUNTINGTON DUPLICATE BRIDGE ASSOCIATION Flight A winners for Wednesday, May 29, are: Bennie Shields and Judy Barnes, John Cochrane and Bill Schaefer, Joline Osborn and Bob Hardin, Mark Semanco and Nancy Sullivan. Flight B winners are: Mark Semanco and Nancy Sullivan, Selby Litton and Tom Jones, Subir Sarkar and Steve Barnett. Flight C winners are: Subir Sarkar and Steve Barnett, Marita Hirt and Pat Stinson

SURVIVORS BRIDGE CLUB winners for Friday, May 31, are: 1) Eileen Waters 2) Virginia Ramsey 3) Jessie McClain TGIF Eileen Waters

HUNTINGTON DUPLICATE BRIDGE ASSOCIATION winners for Monday, June 3, are: Celeste Fraley and Pixie Dillard, Pat Ray and Nancy Sullivan, John Cochrane and Joline Osborn

GOOD TIMERS BRIDGE CLUB winners for Monday, June 3, are: Joyce Beckner, Charlotee Allman, Judy Ferguson

NEIGHBORHOOD BRIDGE CLUB winners for Monday, June 3, are: 1) Dottie Plybon 2) Vicki Smith 3) Jamie Henry

FOXY LADIES BRIDGE CLUB winners for Tuesday, June 4, are: 1) Janice Aldridge 2) Mary Nell Gould 3) Flora Russel

RIVERSIDE BRIDGE CLUB winners for Wednesday, June 5, are: 1) Eileen Waters 2) Gayle Cox 3) Virginia Ramsey

The Herald-Dispatch welcomes bridge winners, club news and installation of officers for the People Talk column. Please include date, organization name and a telephone number in case there are any questions. Items can be mailed to The Herald-Dispatch, Attn: People Talk, P.O. Box 2017, Huntington, WV 25720, faxed to 304-526-2857 or emailed to


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