eddings may focus on the couples getting hitched, but weddings also are special thanks to the many family and friends couples involve in the festivities.

Some of the more successful weddings are ones in which couples honor their guests and let them know how much they’re appreciated.

By incorporating these ideas into their wedding ceremonies and receptions, couples can let their guests know how much they’re loved.

n Arrange seats at the ceremony (if practical) in a circular pattern around you so that everyone can have a great view when you exchange vows.

n Create a bathroom convenience basket for both the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Stock items that might come in handy, like mouthwash, toothpaste, first aid items, spare pantyhose, hair spray, sanitary products, moisturizer, gum, and whatever other niceties you can think of.

n Provide prearranged to-go boxes so that guests can take home tasty tidbits from the meal or dessert table.

n Offer transportation between the ceremony and reception.

n Customize “do not disturb” door tags for overnight guests so they can ensure they get enough shut-eye after partying into the wee hours of the morning.

n Make sure the photographer takes photos of everyone at every table and then share those photos on a wedding website or via social media. Create a hashtag unique to your wedding so that guests can easily find the photos.

n Provide inexpensive slippers or flip-flops so that avid dancers can rest their toes in between songs.

n If valet parking service is not included, ask for an add-on so that guests get door-to-door treatment.

n Always be considerate of special needs by seating guests in places where they’re most likely to be comfortable.

Keep elderly guests away from speakers and near exits to facilitate trips to the bathroom.

n Be mindful of all food allergies or requirements and have accommodations set up in advance.

n Honor those people who could not be at the wedding in a special way, including deceased family and friends.

n Include information about how guests can request songs at the reception. Pass on the information to the band or DJ.

n Encourage guests to get up and dance by making it fun. Put song lyrics from different songs on each table. When that song is played, that table has to join you on the dance floor.

n Remember to thank everyone for coming and follow up those in-person sentiments with handwritten, personalized thank-you notes after the wedding.

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