Courtesy of Charles C. Myers Jr. Tia Wooding is a senior from Huntington High School and is June's Future Investment Program challenge winner.

The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON - A local resident and 2009 Huntington High graduate, Charles C. Meyers Jr., first created his Future Investment Program in 2012. This program helps to mentor mentor middle school and high school students in Huntington. The mission of Future Investment Programs is to develop programs and initiatives for young people to focus through building personal, leadership, and career development.

Each month, the Future Investment Program challenges its students with assignments designed to help them grow. The June Challenge focused on the students writing about the personal improvements they want to make for themselves, the obstacles they have experienced in life and the impact they want to make in the lives of others.

The winner of June's Challenge is a senior from Huntington High School, Tia Wooding.

"I am very proud of Tia Wooding for her continued commitment and determination to grow and develop into her potential," Myers said. "She focuses on recognizing the areas of improvement that are needed in her life, and she consistently aims to challenge herself each day. Tia writes with power behind her words, which allows for the reader to understand the deeper significance within her words."

The July's challenge will provide a $500 scholarship opportunity. As the challenge presents the students with a list of words to select from and write an essay about the significance of the particular words chosen in their lives. The list of words will be related to factors that influence their personal success.

For more information about Future Investment Program, contact Charles C. Myers Jr. at meyerscharles153@gmail.com.


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