The wonderful downtown music and arts scene at The Marigold is going strong on 4th Avenue. Proving that forward-thinking and talented musicians and artists can make edgy and hip creations in a sober all-ages environment, the venue continues to thrive.

On Sunday, The Marigold will host its second Poets and Pickers showcase, combining the Tri-State’s best songwriters, singers and poets. The lineup will include musicians Sasha Colette, Kayla Medlen and Hannah Spurlock. The poets will include Hannah Casto, Odana Chaney and Alexandria Runyon.

KerryErin Coats is the owner and proprietor of The Marigold and she is excited about the progress the venue has made in its first year. Raised in Huntington as a musician, as well as a Marshall University graduate, Coats is always coming up with new ideas to make The Marigold a vibrant part of the community.

“This first year of The Marigold has been ever-evolving,” Coats said. “We have grown by establishing ourselves as a safe space for the community and finding out what events work best for the environment we are trying to build. It is invigorating and inspiring to be a part of creating something new and positive for this town. We have some exciting plans for this spring that involve a new drink menu and expanding our hours to allow the space to be a hub for social engagement when we aren’t having shows.”

As a musician who has traveled the country playing gigs as well as busking on the streets, the idea of putting together a Poets and Pickers program was a natural for Coats.

“Years ago, when I lived in Indiana there was an old establishment called Cummins Bookstore in Columbus and the owner Stephanie would have these poetry slams and jam sessions in the evenings,” Coats said. “It was such a cool beatnik vibe and I always loved being involved in those nights that harnessed a space for different types of artistic expression because it inspired a creative flow between friends. When I was attending Marshall University, I actually entertained the idea of Pickers and Poets being like a story-telling radio hour, but I never got around to it. The fall before The Marigold opened, I had an event called Samhain Serenade that I hosted at the knob in Ritter Park. That is what kind of kick started the idea of having Pickers and Poets be a staple at the The Marigold, which I would open later in the spring.”

At this Sunday’s special showcase, an all-women lineup will be featured.

“For this edition of Pickers and Poets, I wanted to showcase local female/femme identified artists,” said Coats. “Each of the performers has a unique style that will make for an intimate evening for all to enjoy at The Marigold. We have so many talented artists who make up our Appalachian community that it really is a treat to create an event like this. I am optimistic by nature, and I am optimistic and hopeful about Huntington and the local arts scene. There are so many ways artists can improve communities and I think those ways are visible in many spaces across Huntington, in places such as West Edge Factory. The Marigold is fortunate to join that list where we can provide artists and the community a space to create and thrive through strengthening social connections within our community. I am personally inspired on a regular basis by the passion I see on display throughout the local art scene.”

The Poets and Pickers Part 2 program will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 24. Tickets will be $5 at the door. The Marigold is located at 1325 4th Ave.

“On a regular basis, I am touched by the camaraderie I see in the local music scene here in Huntington,” Coats said. “We recently teamed up with the adult drug court program and the participants took part in a sober ‘paint and sip’ evening. My friend, local artist Kris Hillen, was the instructor and we had over 20 people here painting and listening to music and drinking Ale 8 and root beer. Everyone’s paintings turned out great and it was really beautiful to help share the message that you can socialize, have fun, and be creative in an alcohol- and drug-free environment.”

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