Courtesy of the City of Huntington Group picture of all top enforcers in the State of West Virginia

HUNTINGTON — Law enforcement from all across the state were recognized for their efforts in impaired driving enforcement at an awards banquet at Glade Springs Resort in Daniels, West Virginia, on May 23.

It takes a lot of time, dedication, and training in order to remove impaired drivers from roadways. These officers made the effort and have been trained in the procedures of the standard field sobriety test (SFST) and the advanced roadside impaired driving enforcement (ARIDE) procedures.

The officers recognized at the state Highway 2 Enforcement Awards Banquet this year from our region are:

— Cpl. Joey Koher — Huntington Police Department

— Trooper Scott Allen — West Virginia State Police Mason Detachment

— Deputy Mitchell Waugh — Mason County Sherriff's Department

— Trooper Ricardo Phillips — West Virginia State Police Winfield Detachment

— Sgt. Shane Shamblin — Putnam County Sheriff's Department

— Cpl. Heather Grimmett — Putnam County Sheriff's Department

These individual law enforcement officers have gone above and beyond the regular call of duty to make it their mission and passion to keep the roadways in our region much safer. Between these six officers, they made roughly 410 arrests out of the 7,008 that occurred statewide, making up 6% of the state impaired driving arrests.

Many of these arrests are not only impaired driving with alcohol, but also driving under the influence of drugs, or a combination of both drugs and alcohol.

"Drug impaired driving continues to be front and center of the impaired driving issues in our state," said Beau Evans, City of Huntington Traffic Safety Director. "It is important for folks to realize that by making an arrest of an impaired driver or making the one traffic stop of someone not wearing a seatbelt could ultimately save an individual or multiple individuals' lives."

The City of Huntington sends congratulations to the officers on their efforts for keeping us safe on the roads, in our homes, and at school or work.


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