Marshall's Jon Elmore prepares to shoot a free throw as the Herd takes on FIU during a C-USA men's basketball game on March 6 at the Cam Henderson Center in Huntington.

HUNTINGTON — Over the last four years, seeing Marshall basketball standout Jon Elmore go coast-to-coast was a norm for Thundering Herd fans.

Now, Elmore's coast-to-coast journeys have hit an even higher level as he chasess his basketball dreams.

The Thundering Herd's all-time leading scorer and Charleston native has literally been all over the United States in the last 40 days in an effort to impress NBA teams and boost his name prior to the 2019 NBA Draft, which takes place June 20 in New York.

"I'm literally bouncing back and forth from East Coast to West Coast," Elmore said by phone on Sunday. "I was just telling my Mom that I need to get frequent flyer miles taken care of because I'd have some free flights by now."

Elmore's journey started on May 1 when he traveled to Irvine, California, to train in advance of the draft.

Since that time, Elmore's travels have increased with trips spanning the United States.

First, it was a workout with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Then, a flight to Arizona to work out for the Phoenix Suns. Next was a trip to Florida to work out for the Miami Heat. That was followed by a flight back across three time zones to California to audition for the Sacramento Kings before traveling back east to work out for the Indiana Pacers.

Over the weekend, Elmore was back in West Virginia to see family and his fiance, Tori Dent, for a couple of days before catching a Monday flight to Boston to work out for the Boston Celtics. Elmore will also head to Michigan to work out for the Detroit Pistons this week.

While it might be taxing from a travel standpoint, Elmoresaid he's not taking any part of the process for granted because it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"NBA teams are flying me from city-to-city and putting me in 5-star hotels and allowing me to work out in NBA gyms to be evaluated by player personnel," Elmore said."It's what I always dreamed of. There's certainly worse things I could be doing than playing basketball. This is what I love to do and I'm enjoying every step of the way."

Elmore holds the distinction of being the only player in NCAA Division I history with 2,500 points and 750 assists, so many teams are well-versed in his offensive prowess.

The 6-foot-3,185-pound guard said he has emphasized his ability to move without the ball and to defend at the next level during his workouts with NBA teams.

"It's just about showing the total package," Elmore said. "Most know that I can score and pass, but to show I can play both ends of the court is important and I've shown that."

Elmore said his comfort level in workouts has been high because of the familiarity that he has with some of the terminology and schematics utilized by NBA teams, which he credited to Marshall head coach Dan D'Antoni, who has brought NBA-style basketball to the court for the Herd.

"With the plays that teams run and the style and philosophy of what they want to do, it's really similar to what Coach Dan has brought to Marshall and I think it's really prepared me," Elmore said. "When I go into the workouts and we're running plays or playing live, they put the actions that they want to run in and it's all stuff I'm familiar with because I've ran it for four years. That gives me an edge over others on the court."

Elmore passed Skip Henderson as Marshall's all-time scoring leader on March 19 during a 78-73 win over IUPUI in the opening round of the CollegeInsider.com Invitational Tournament (CIT) at Cam Henderson Center.

Marshall went on to win the CIT Championship in a 90-70 win over Green Bay on April 4, putting the final touches on Elmore's record-setting career.

Elmore finished with 2,638 points and 783 assists during his Marshall career. Both marks are Conference USA records, making Elmore the only player in college basketball to currently own their conference record for both points and assists.

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