"My Story - Living with Addiction" is a periodic series of articles examining the lives of people who have battled with addiction to drugs.

For someone deep in the throes of an addiction to heroin or opioids, it's not that uncommon to end up in the news. What is uncommon is fighting that battle while already being a public figure, which means headlines a regular person might not get.

HUNTINGTON - There is no age limit to recovery. Just ask 52-year-old James Coleman. "I've been an addict for 37 years," Coleman said. "I started with marijuana, drinking and benzos. I worked my way up to pain pills into heroin. Then that became my drug of choice. I've been on heroin for 18 years on and off. It's been a rough ride, but these last five years have been a blur. I can't remember a lot of it."

HUNTINGTON - Parts of his story sound like it could be from a movie. Smoking pot for the first time around the age of 5, Thomas, now 34, led a hazy life of self-medicating his attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder and hopping trains, taking anything that would get him to his next high.

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